Thursday, March 1, 2012


Two unexpected events occurred recently.  First, my books went on promotion and 9 hours into it when I checked the reports I'd already had over 500 downloads between the three of them.  YAY!  This morning they're at nearly 700 ... double YAY!

Second ... my right forearm HURTS!!!  Who knew that of all the places I would have expected tennis to make me sore, my forearm was not one of them!  OWWY!  We played again last night but this time for only 45 minutes before Snackers started to complain that his feet were hurting.  I intended to jump on the treadmill to compensate when we got home but we checked the mail on the way home and our brand new Costco card was in the mailbox so we headed straight there to get a much-needed and dirt-cheap pillow for Vladdy.  It was dirt cheap but it's really nice, filled with cedar wood chips and covered in pretty brown and green upholstery material.  We didn't really want to come home so we ended up walking through the entire store again like we did last time, looking at everything.  Finally we realized that they were about to close and headed home with just the pillow in our basket.  The guy at the register actually said "Just one item?" lol.  That's probably unusual for that place I guess.

Anywho, as we were walking around the fronts of my thighs started to tighten up - presumably from running and then stopping fast to hit the ball during tennis.  Here's the thing: I'm not good at tennis.  Before Monday I'd never attempted to play in my life, so right now we're just focusing on hitting the ball and trying to get it over the net as many times in a row as we can.  If it bounces five or six times before you hit it, that's ok.  If it's way out of bounds or on the other court when you hit it, that's ok.  If it bounces off the fence before you hit it ... that's ok with us.  We just really wanted to accomplish Monday's goal of getting the ball back-and-forth across the net 10 times.  Not only did we do that but actually even made it to exactly 20 before Snackers hit it into the net.  We came close to 20 a few more times after that but with the way we play ... a ball isn't really "out of play" until it stops bouncing so that means no matter where it lands we're running our butts off to get to it.  I think it might actually be a more active way to play the game than the traditional way.  Sooner or later when we get better we'll worry about rules and keeping score but for now we're just having fun with it and getting a good work out in the process.  My damn arm hurts today though!!

140 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 fruit shake
1 healthy choice lunch
1 serving shrimp toast (appetizer)
1/2 serving banana crepes (shared w/Snackers)
Daily Caloric Intake: 1152

Yoga: 30 minutes
Fitocracy Points: 117


  1. I downloaded all three of them last night so that accounts for 3 hits. LOL I haven't opened them yet though. :)