Friday, March 23, 2012

Catching Up

Yesterday after surgery didn't go as I'd planned it but I didn't totally flake out either.  Shortly after I got off work Snackers announced that our friends were coming over to visit him and, although the house really wasn't a mess at all (a little clutter here and there but not bad at all) he felt the need to start cleaning.  Strange, I would have thought that after surgery he'd have wanted to come home, climb in bed, and rest all day but nope!  He started by picking up the living room and my paperwork on the dining room table, then headed outside to sweep the back patio, clean the patio chairs, pick up the bits of trash the blew into the yard over the windy weekend, sweep out the track on the slider etc. etc.

I tried to convince him that he should be laying down but he wouldn't listen so I joined him in the hopes that it would get done faster and then he'd rest.  After an hour or so of cleaning our friends arrived and we hung out and chatted with them but I still couldn't get Snackers to sit down and relax, he insisted on visiting with them while standing.  So is it normal for surgery to make someone act like they're on speed afterward or what?  Even after they left he stood next to the bed and was shifting back-and-forth from one foot to the other, wanted to groom the cats, and kept running back and forth between the bedroom and the kitchen to get snack after snack after snack.  It was ODD!  Then the sweating started.

He felt cold to touch but was sweating profusely and all of the color drained from his face but I had to literally take him by the good hand, walk him into the bathroom and make him look at his own reflection to see what I was seeing before he would finally lay down and relax.  That lasted for about an hour, then he wanted to play games on the PS3 Move that he borrowed from his boss so we spent an hour doing that (sword fighting mostly) and I broke up a helluva good sweat before he finally decided that he was ready for bed.  Surprise, surprise, when he finally laid down to rest he was in a world of hurt from his hand.  DUH!  *sigh*  I wonder if they gave him some kind of stimulant to help him wake up from the anesthesia - if it took him 45 minutes to wake up after surgery I would imagine that's not normal and they would have done something to try to counter-act it right?  He was DEFINITELY acting strange last night, that's for sure!

Yesterday Food:
2 cups of coffee w/creamer
1 chicken pita
1 medium fry
2 English muffins toasted w/provolone
1 skinny cow ice cream
Intake: 1423

Yesterday Activity:
Motion Gaming: 1 hr
Fitocracy points: 149

Today's Food:
120 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 granola bar
1 healthy choice lunch
2 latkes w/roast beef (lean)
1 skinny cow ice cream
Daily Caloric Intake: 1460

Today's Activity:
Yoga: 30 minutes
Walking: 1 hour (around town with Shawn, he was restless)
Fitocracy Points: 154

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  1. It must be that they gave him something to wake him up because I've had outpatient surgery and so has my hubby and we always get home groggy and tired from the anesthesia. You really should have him get a copy of his medical records and find out what they did to him. They're needed for workers comp anyway so it wouldn't hurt if you took a peek at them too.