Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Anniversary

Yesterday was mine and Snackers' four-year anniversary so we went for sushi because that's what we had for dinner on our first date and it's become kind of a tradition for us.  After dinner we couldn't think of anything to do.  Our original plan had been to paint pottery but with Snackers being one-handed we realized that wasn't going to work and there weren't any movies out that we wanted to see so we ended up heading for the nearest pet store.  Snackers has been bummed about being hurt and playing with young, bumbling puppies always cheers him up.  We had absolutely NO intention of buying anything, but we just picked one out and let them think we were interested so that they'd let us spend some time in one of the rooms with it.  Snackers picked out a little female black lab ... she was sweet but I'm not a lab person generally so I just let him snuggle and play with her so that he'd feel a little bit better for the rest of the evening.

After that we headed over to the casino because he wanted to put $5 on the championship games for today so they'd be a little bit more interesting to sit around and watch all day and then we went to the book store to browse.  It is soooo strange that a guy who doesn't like to read, at all, actually ENJOYS browsing the book store with me.  I LOVE to browse book stores.  Call me psycho but I could probably go to a book store two or three times a month just to look around, check out the covers and the titles, see which names are getting their own little displays, and which genres are being placed at the front of the store etc.  I didn't ever think anyone in the world would find that fun but me but Snackers does.  It's awesome!

So after an hour of that we came home and I jumped on the treadmill for 20 minutes because I was feeling guilty about the sushi (little did I know I'd actually come in UNDER calories for the day) and then Snackers asked me to read some more chapters from my book to him so we did that until we got tired and went to bed.  All-in-all not a bad anniversary.  Not exciting but we both kinda feel like we've had enough excitement for the month and needed some "chill time" plus we saved a ton of money by being indecisive.  It's funny -  I never liked to window shop (ok, Bookstores obviously) before I met Snackers but it seems like that's something that we do a lot together and we both enjoy.  My brother and I went window shopping once when I was 15-16 and staying with him for a couple of weeks.  We walked the entire mall finding odd trinkets and trying to take them apart and figure out how they work without getting kicked out of the stores and it was a blast.  That's kind of what Snackers and I do.  We find unusual things to look at, crack jokes about, and be just a little bit silly.  It's good, inexpensive fun.

p.s. The Dr. called yesterday and rescheduled Snackers' surgery for next Wednesday.  He's not happy.

120 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 Healthy Choice lunch
1 serving chicken raviolli
8 grilled asparagus spears
1 skinny cow ice cream
Daily Caloric Intake: 1363

Yoga: 30 minutes
 Nothin. :(

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