Thursday, March 8, 2012

And then, Flop.

GROWL AT ME!  I did so good on Monday!!!  I ate good, I exercised really good, and I drank lots of water.  Then yesterday it's like I just completely undid everything that I accomplished on Monday and I have no one to blame but myself.  Sure, Snackers wanted me to go to Best Buy with him to get the new MLB The Show baseball game for PS3 because they needed my ID for the pre-order receipt so I didn't do lunch-break yoga but that's no excuse for the rest of the night after work!

I knew the moment that I woke up yesterday that my intake was going to be high because I was FAMISHED before I even got out of bed and I really don't think that the occasional 1300-1400 intake day is a bad thing but then to sit around on my ass all night re-proofing The Citizens and reading the latest from Kim Harrison was a mistake.  I should have AT LEAST done some good upper body exercises or gone for a light walk on the treaddy.  I went to bed frustrated with myself and I'm still feeling it this morning.

We're switching Vladdy off puppy food and it's not going well.  He's now over a year old so we got him a bag of adult dog food and we're mixing half-and-half for his breakfast and then giving him his usual puppy+wet food dinner but it's upsetting his tummy bad.  Last night was the third night in a row that he woke us up in the middle of the night, desperate to go outside.  I hate when that happens but on the up-side, at least he's waking us up and not just being a naughty doggy in the house.  It's too bad the weather turned here or I'd just leave him outside all night but it's been cold and windy.

128 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 Healthy Choice Lunch
1 turkey burger w/pesto (no mayo)
1 serving baked fries
1/2 fresh fruit tart (I ate the fruit off the top and Snackers ate the tart)
1 chocolate covered strawberry
Daily Caloric Intake: 1117

Yoga: 30 minutes
Running: 5 sets for 2 minutes each @ 5.0 mph
Walking: 2 sets for 5 minutes each @ 3.0 mph
Walking: 4 sets for 8 minutes each @ 3.0 mph
Fitocracy Points: 198


  1. Growl, but then MOVE ON! :) Today is a new day! :) :) You can do it!

  2. I'm kind of confused, you say 1,400 calories pushes you over the edge? That's been my intake, between 1300-1400 daily for the last year and i've lost over 90 pounds. If you really are only eating that amount of calories a day, have you talked with your doctor? I have a friend with PCOS who is super healthy, super active, but has been stuck around 20 pounds overweight forever.

    Also what's a Snackers? Is that your husband? You're a nicer wife than I am then, if my husband asked me to leave work in the middle of the day to get a video game with him I would think he lost his mind.

  3. Seriously... you've got to shake things up! Go get that free "Fast-5" book I mentioned a few days ago, give it a read, and try it. At this point, you just need to do something (darn near anything!) to switch it up.

  4. Don't apologize for eating a normal day's worth of food! You should be eating 1400-1500 on sedentary days and probably closer to 1800 on vigorous workout days. And never under 1200, no matter what, unless you are so sick you can't eat. And I know you have heard all this before. I just hate to see you down on yourself when you think you overate, which you did not at all! Frankly I am eating 1600-2000 and losing weight working out 4-5 times a week and I weigh 146 lbs.

  5. Anonymous1: Actually I started out eating around 1500 a day and was losing weight, then at some point just naturally started cutting more and more. I wasn't necessarily upset by the intake but rather the fact that I crapped out and didn't do any exercise.

    Brandon: I can't keep up. It seems like you're suggesting a new book or web article on a different diet plan every few weeks and they're all overwhelming. I can't even keep them straight anymore.

    Anonymous2: Refer to my reply to Anonymous1. You're both right.

  6. That's fair.

    But you missed the point.
    What you're doing has ceased to work for you.
    Something isn't right still.

    That's what I've found with me.
    So, yes, every few weeks I'm trying to learn something new... until I figure out what's wrong with me, I will continue to be interested in more data and theory.

    Don't give up.
    Try something new.
    Ask yourself this... why waste your time if what you are doing isn't working?

  7. I'm going to get my thyroid checked.

    That said, your post inspired me to look into something that I'd heard awhile back about an allegedly genetically overweight Native American tribe and, in the process, stumbled on something even MORE fascinating which I am going to post in a quick mid-day post right now. I hope you enjoy it.