Monday, March 19, 2012


The far-away view
WRITTEN ON SATURDAY:  LITERALLY!  So I got off work last night, got on the treadmill, did half a set and was breathing so hard I thought I was going to keel over (I have so got to figure out a way to quit smoking) so I stopped to rest with the intention of getting back on and finishing after a few minutes.  While I was resting Snackers started asking when I was going to get dressed because there was a street fair in Henderson old-town for St. Patties day that lasts all weekend and he wanted to go check it out (there was a whiskey tasting contest last night, hence the urgency).  So ... you know me, I talked myself into calling it good after half a work-out and jumped in the shower.

When I pulled back the curtain to get out of the shower, however ... there was Snackers with a ring in his hand asking me to marry him.  It's funny because we've been talking about getting married for a couple of years now.  In fact he even had plans to propose two years ago at a family function but a little bird (named my sister) told me he was planning it and then he found out that she ruined the surprise so he decided not to go through with it and I've been waiting, wondering this whole time, if that was my one and only shot with him.  I guess he had originally planned on asking on our anniversary (which was Wednesday the 14th, just three days ago) but then cut his hand at work and then had to go back to the Dr. on Monday and was on Keflex and pain killers and just wasn't feeling it.  So last night he decided it would be fun to ambush me climbing out of the shower ... pretty damn cute actually.  Definitely something I'll never forget.

The close-up
So of course, I said YES.  Well, actually I said "Are you serious?" and then I said "As in, you're proposing?"  It wasn't that I was disappointed in how he proposed because I wasn't, I thought it was super cool actually.  But I just really wasn't sure if he was being serious or not because he was still hiding the ring so he just said "Are you going to marry me?" and I thought maybe he meant it in the "someday, if I ask will you say yes" kinda way.  So then he started to explain (and ramble because he's just like me ... we both ramble when we're nervous) that if I "said no now after all this time, blah blah blah" and I blurted "I'm just waiting for you to stop talking long enough for me to say yes".  So it's not something you'd see in a movie but it was very real and, knowing us, very fitting to our personalities.  We do everything a little quirky.

In the pics the top ring is the "promise" ring I've been wearing since I moved to Vegas just to let everyone know "I'm not single" (though I still get the occasional block head who either doesn't notice the ring or just doesn't care) and the bottom ring is the engagement ring.  I actually picked this ring out at the Renaissance fair two years ago and didn't know it but he bought it and has been holding onto it this whole time.  It's a Claddagh - an Irish wedding ring.  We've set the date for March 14, 2013, our five-year anniversary.  That way we don't have to memorize a new anniversary date.  :)

Saturday Food:
140 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
2 slices leftover pizza (breakfast)
1 serving chicken and green beans (lunch)
1 serving beef w/broccoli (lunch)
1/2 serving veggie chow mein (lunch)
1 home made chicken sandwich (no cheese, light mayo w/evoo: dinner)
Intake: 1455

Saturday Activity:
Walking: 2 hours around town trying to entertain ourselves and back at the street fair
Fitocracy Points: 86

Sunday Food:
100 oz of water
2 cups of coffee w/creamer
1 cranberry muffin
1 serving corned beef (dry)
1 cup tomato salad
1 chicken sandwich (w/marinara)
1 small fry
Intake: 1347

Sunday Activity:
Walking: 1 hour (looking at ceremony locations for the wedding
Walking: 1hr 20 min (weekly shopping)
Sprints (@ the dog park w/vladdy) x 3
Fitocracy Points:105


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That is so awesome and what a wonderful surprise after all that's been happening lately.

  2. Congratulations on your engagement. I think the proposal was preety cool.

  3. Congratulations. The commitment that marriage brings will make your relationship even richer.

  4. Congratulations! I'm a little red-faced here though. All this time I thought Snackers was a dog!!! :-/

  5. WOW, congratulations!! I'm so happy for you! Funny and sweet the way he proposed. I can just imagine him 'pep talking' himself and rehearsing while you were showering, then standing there waiting for you to finish. Lol, having said that, don't worry, I'm not imagining tooooo much, just the sweet romantic aspect.

  6. Congratulations! What a great surprise!

  7. Thanks everyone! When I told my mom how he proposed she said "Maybe you should leave that part out when you're telling other people" but I've never really been very shy with stuff like that (I even answered a call from my boss on my cell while taking a bath once and when he said "Can you jump online real quick?" I said "Um, I need about 10 minutes because I'm taking a bath" ... ooooh I could hear the "red" in his voice. lol

    I agree with all of you. It was extremely cute, unique, and a huge surprise. I can guarantee that no woman has ever thought she would be proposed to in that way ... I'm just glad I heard him clear his throat while I was showering and knew he was in the bathroom with me or I woulda pulled back the curtain and had a heart attack before he could have proposed (A little tip to any of you men considering this for your proposals ... make sure she knows you're there - mui importante!) lol.

    A Note to 40 Minus 100: That's cute! Snackers has had several nick-names over the course of this blog. He started out as Temptation because he was constantly offering me bad foods. I changed it to "Snack Monkey" because, although he stopped offering bad foods to me, he continued eating them himself whenever he felt like it. That got shortened to Snackers.

    The dogs are Vladdy and Piper, cats are Casper and Kody Joe. :)

  8. Congrats!!! My husband and I did the same thing and were married on our 3rd anniversary, it really does help(the guy mostly)! I wish you love , luck, and happiness going forward!

  9. Funny you should say "the guy mostly". We both forgot our anniversary last year until about 3 days later when I was putting the date on a piece of paper and it clicked in my head. This year I reminded myself it was coming all month long but when I woke up on the day-of, it wasn't until Snackers wished me a happy anniversary that I actually remembered. I'm bad with that stuff though. Birthday's, anniversary's, even some holidays.