Monday, May 23, 2011

What A Walk!

So last night we found a house on the MLS website that was a definite plan B if things don't go our way tomorrow and it was just down the street so we decided to take the dogs for a walk to check it out.  We really didn't think it would be that far to walk but we had bought these sport bottles with straps on them because Vladdy always gets so thirsty when I walk him so I wanted to have some water with us and we took one of those.

Holy crap was that a walk!  It turned out to be over four miles and we were fighting Vladdy's bad behavior right out of the gate but about half-way to the house he was exhausted and, therefore, behaving.  When we finally got there we watered him, checked out the house and then started home.  The way there was entirely up-hill, though a very gradual slope we could feel it after the first few blocks.  On the way home, though, we could tell that both dogs were really dragging so we picked them up and carried them for awhile, then traded because Vladdy is getting so big and heavy.  His last round of shots are scheduled for next Friday and I am really eager to see what he weighs.  I weighed him on my scale by weighing myself while holding him and then weighing myself without him and he was 23 lbs but he seems so much heavier!  I think that's because he's so solid.  Bonus, I was at 235 so that was a lb down before the walk despite my stress-eating earlier this week.  Cross your fingers for me because I don't want to be back on the stall-out bandwagon.

I am reconsidering my next goal to ride a horse because it is going to cost money and right now Snackers and I are trying to scrimp and save every penny we can because we want as much in savings as possible when we go to the closing table on a house.  I know I swore that I wouldn't do anything out of order but I don't want to put off reaching my 75 lb goal just because I can't afford to ride a horse right now so I may have to take that one out of order.  I dunno, we'll see but I definitely realized on the walk last night that I need to get my ass back in gear and stop doing a half-assed job of this weight-loss effort.  I've been in "light" mode for months now and it's getting harder and harder to keep my motivation as a result.  The more I pick foods that I know I shouldn't be eating the more I want to eat them and the more I sit around at night stressing instead of exercising the more I want to sit around at night stressing instead of exercising ... not to mention I've started having trouble sleeping, again, which I know is partly due to the fact that I'm not exercising as much ... and partly due to Kody just being a pain in the ass.

Vladdy is getting better though.  Slowly but surely we're starting to see him calm down be less argumentative when he doesn't get his way.  We're both really excited to be able to take him to the dog park, finally, after his last round of shots and let him just tear it up with other dogs.  We both want to go do something, probably with the dogs, today but we don't really know what and after the walk last night I'm not sure how much energy Snackers has left.  He HATED the walk last night but something tells me he'll want to go again.

6 glasses of water
2 cups of coffee w/creamer
1 bowl of granola w/skim milk and mixed berries
2 jalapeno poppers
1 serving popcorn chicken
1 chicago style hot dog (home made)
>>all beef
Daily Caloric Intake: 991

3 flights of stairs (Snackers took over dog duty today so I could rest and take a nap)
1.5 hours grocery shopping
Jogging: About 15-20 minutes solid jogging.  (I waited too long to take Vladdy for a nice long walk like I wanted to so I figured I could burn as many calories, or close to it, by taking him for a quick 11 p.m. jog.  We ran without stopping all the way around the block and I was HEAVING for air when it was over but it felt good.)

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