Saturday, May 7, 2011

Errands to Run

It's only 6:30 a.m. and I've already made coffee, washed the toaster oven out, and started some laundry.  I have a Dr.'s appointment today for my annual check-up ... I hate those.  After that I need to clean the kitchen and then we'll see where I go from there.  I am really tired today and my Depo shots usually make me lethargic so I'm not going to hold my breath on being active today.  Yesterday's weight was 237.0 and I haven't weighed yet this morning but we're planning on going somewhere fun with the dogs tomorrow (provided Snack Monkey doesn't crap out on me) so I may be able to make up for not doing much today ... or maybe I'll have water retention again who knows.

I had mid-terms this week and I aced both of my math tests ... I couldn't even believe it this time.  There were some questions on both of them that were really hard and I thought 'I'll just go slow, be thorough, and hope I don't miss anything' but there were a few answers that, as I entered them, I was pretty sure they would be wrong so when I got 100% on the final scores I was shocked.

There is an interesting dynamic developing in my family that I would have never anticipated.  Piper, the old lady, actually wants to go on walks now when, for the last year, she just wanted to lay around and sleep.  I think the puppy is rejuvenating her energy.  Casper has gone from being the mouthiest, loudest cat I've ever known to becoming a silent and stealthy old "watcher".  He lays around and watches everything, never hiding, always out among the family ... but ever vigilant in his silent observation.  And even though I thought Vladdy, as the biggest of all, would dominate the hierarchy, it's Cody, the youngest and smallest, who seems to rule the roost.  He's completely fearless, lightening fast, and tough as nails ... who'd-a-thunk. 

It really is a lot like discovering the personalities of your children.  Piper is the smart, laid back, well behaved, responsible eldest sibling who tries to set an example and be the peacemaker for everyone else.  Casper is the college student still living at home but too cool for his family but not quite anti-social enough to hide in his room so he lays around brooding.  Vladdy is the happy-go-lucky, not-so-bright high school varsity jock who can't take anything seriously and thinks everyone likes him more than they probably really do.  And Cody is the pre-teen troublemaker who's always in the principles office and will probably have a Juvie record, a tattoo, and a probation officer by the time he's 16.

9 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 leftover serving spaghetti pie
1 serving cilantro lime chicken salad
1 slice of cheese cake
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,169

5 flights of stairs
1.5 hours cleaning the kitchen
Training: 30 minutes with the puppy working on sit and come

I've noticed that having a puppy leads to a lot of small motions that probably add up throughout a day.  For example, every time I sit down and put my feet up in my recliner I find myself having to jump up again less than 5 minutes later to take something away from Vladdy that he shouldn't be chewing on.  I've probably sat down and stood up 20 times tonight.

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