Saturday, May 7, 2011

Panic Mode

I did not sleep well last night but I can blame no one but myself this time.  I fell asleep in my recliner while watching Mythbusters on Netflix and woke up suddenly at 11:30 in a panic because Piper had the hiccups and I thought she was going to vomit.  She had been sleeping my lap and in my half-sleep state I felt the jerk of a hiccup and jumped out of my chair and ran around frantically with her tucked under one arm like a football, looking for something to hold her over so that I wouldn't have a mess to clean up.  Finally as I am standing on the balcony, holding her over the wall I wake up enough to realize that she's looking at me like "what did I do to deserve being thrown off the balcony?  Can we talk about this?"  Truth be told I probably scared her half to death because I think she had been sound asleep when I suddenly grabbed her and bolted out of the chair.  She probably thought I'd completely snapped.

So I took the dogs out, locked them both up and went to bed.  Around 1 a.m. I woke up in a second totally unjustified panic because somewhere in my sleep I had convinced myself that I had killed Cody on accident when I jumped out of my chair earlier in the night.  See, Cody likes to sleep under my recliner and if I put the foot rest down slowly he's smart enough to get out of the way but I am always worried that I will accidentally smush him.  So I jumped out of bed and I ran into the living room to pick up the recliner and look under it only to realize that Cody wasn't under there at all.  So then, of course, half-asleep-me starts to freak out thinking maybe he ran outside when I took the dogs out so I started searching the whole house and finally found him sleeping quite comfortably on the floor of my closet inside one of my low-heeled dress shoes.

So I went back to bed again and at some point during the night after that Snackers came home.  I must have been sleeping light because I usually don't wake up when he comes home.  He's very good about slipping in quietly and climbing into bed without waking me up but last night I woke up just enough to sense him climbing in the bed and feel him snuggle up to me.  So imagine my surprise when, at around 3:30 a.m., I woke up in yet a third panic because I realized that someone else was in the bed and did not, at first, realize it was my Snackerpoo!  Green goddess on a cracker!  I'm a basket case!!!!

8 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 serving sunflower seeds
1 serving leftover meatloaf
1 serving leftover rosemary potatoes
1 serving spaghetti pie
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,118

7 flights of stairs
Walking the dogs: about 1.5 hours but distance totally unknown.  We took them to the dog-walk at the park.

Sorry for posting this today instead of last night.  I went to bed early and passed out.


  1. Lol. Further proof that dieting makes us crazy.

  2. Missed you guys at mom's this weekend.

    Hey, isn't it illegal to allow your pets to roam the public???

  3. We didn't even know you were going to be there/were there! I talked to mom last night after you'd already left and she mentioned that you had been there. She hasn't really been very communicative with me since Jenn and the boys moved in with her though. It seems like every time I do talk to her she has to cut the conversation short or interrupt it 10 times to deal with either dad or the kids or guests so I've just kind of taken a "I'll let her call me" approach which she hasn't done in a long long time. That's alright though, I totally understand that her life is hectic right now, as is mine.

    Re: pets. As far as I know it is why? Who is letting their pet roam the public? Well wait, if you're referring to Rockville pets it's like a whole different world there. Patch used to roam the town all the time and everyone in town knew him, knew that he looked both ways before crossing the street, and knew that if we just whistled really loud he would come home so no one really cared. Jack and Jenny (the donkeys) used to also roam free all around Grafton, they too would always come to a whistle, the tourists LOVED it and the locals were ok with it because they didn't cause any trouble. Whenever there is a good hard rain the horses get set free too, for their own safety. They'll come back when they get hungry and they always stay on the south side of the river and the people who live over there really don't mind because, again, they don't cause any trouble. But on Earth, yes it is illegal. Rockville though ... totally different. I mean, remember, it's also illegal for a 12 year old to drive a moped on city streets but the city cop when I was a kid told me "hey just obey the street laws and I'm ok with it" so ... yeah ... the benefits of living in a small town.

  4. haha yeah it was my mistake... I thought "Snackers" was the cat... so when you said "at some point during the night after that Snackers came home" I thought 'oh brother, another let-my-animal-wander-the-streets-person'.


  5. LOL that is too funny! He is kind of an animal I suppose. The cats are Casper and Cody and they're not even aloud out on the balcony while we're smoking. I probably should keep a better leash on Snackers though ... he made me buy him ice cream cones, Klondike sandwiches, and zingers at the store last night! I mean my goodness! lol