Thursday, May 19, 2011

Made An Offer

We went and looked at "the house" again last night and even though we went into the home with the intentions of being very objective and critical (which we were, I think) we still ended up finding even more things that we liked about the house than we had noticed the first time.  However, there was a cracked window and burns in the carpet in the master bedroom and there was a hole in the door to the office but with an FHA loan that stuff is going to have to be replaced before we can buy it anyway.  After an hour-and-a-half long conversation with my lender yesterday followed by another conversation with my Realtor, both of whom are people that I feel really good about and comfortable with, I decided that the asking price on the home was fair IF the homeowners are willing to replace the three items above so we put down the offer (with the seller paying our closing costs, of course).

My lender and my Realtor are now conversing with one another, which is awesome, and as it turns out my lender owns a home in the same community which he rents out so he was able to answer some very important HOA questions for me and he even served on the HOA board when he lived in the community.  So ... the offer is out there, the Title company has been selected, the earnest money has been given to the Realtor and now the ball is in the seller's court to see if they accept the offer.  I have never been so nervous or stressed out in my life but my Lender/Credit Counselor says that's totally normal and that he'd actually be more worried about me if I weren't freaking out a little bit at this point.  He said that freaking out a little just means I'm cautious and responsible ... it's the people who dive happily and head first without worry that scare him.  Of course that applies to first time homebuyers, I'm sure once you've bought two or three it might be less nerve racking.

This is going to be a very long day.

Update: The "counter offer" has arrived.  The seller's agent is claiming that they are in a "multiple bid" situation and need our biggest and best offer by Monday.  After a very lengthy conversation with our Realtor, our Lender/Credit Counselor, and each other Shawn and I decided that we don't think there really is any other offer.  We think we did a poor job of keeping our poker faces on when we went to look at the house and the seller is bluffing to see if she can get more money out of us.  Because we're offering they're asking price we're not really willing to go higher on it so we told the Realtor to tell the agent that our offer stands, take it or leave it.  I think they'll take it but if they don't, we have at least two other homes in the area that we're interested in so it's not the end of the world.  Still ... it's been a stressful, shitty day and I feel victim to it at dinner when I let Snackers suggest a buffet and I didn't even put up a fight.  I am going to be completely honest and say that for the second time in 7 months ... I have absolutely no idea what my caloric intake was today.  I'll post my intake before dinner but I think it's safe to say I fell off the wagon today.

8 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 Fiber One bar
1/2 serving home made pizza
Pre-Dinner Caloric Intake: 377

5 flights of stairs
3 hours of shopping: first the pet store where we ended up in this rather insane comparison between dog food ingredients, feeding amounts, and prices.  We wound up in an empty isle with about 8 different 30 lb bags of food on the ground as we flipped them over to compare them.  We wanted a food that is better for Piper with her allergies and her sensitive stomach but wouldn't break the bank.  After that we went to GameStop because Snackers had a new PS3 game he just had to have and then to WalMart for basic supplies.  It's been a very long, very bad day that, for me, started at 5:00 a.m. courtesy of Kody.


  1. Yep, been in that "multiple bid" situation, I fell for it and bought at exactly what the home was worth (the seller had started low and realized it after my first bid and used the multiple-bidder thing to hook me into upping my offer).

    I was bummed, and now even more so, because we bought a home for exactly what it was worth at just before the market peaked... which means today we're back down lower than our break-even point. Couldn't sell today for what we bought it for.

    Good job on you deciding to play poker instead of play hostage.

  2. Stress is such a killer of good intentions. I can totally sympathize with that. Hopefully it goes better today!