Sunday, May 29, 2011

An Indecisive Day

We had a lot of fun at the dog park last night but the day is kind of cold and windy so our plans to hit the lake are squashed pending a weather change and now we're not sure what to do with our weekend.  The house is still clean from our scrub session *singing* and we don't have a yard to BBQ in or do home improvement projects ... yet, but one thing is for sure, there is a very bored Dobie jonesing for a good time.

We are so looking forward to having a house with a yard where we can watch him run and play and we'll be able to personalize it and have a garden (provided either of us can actually keep it alive).  *sigh*  Is it August yet?

I'm bummed about the weather.  I really wanted to take Vladdy to the lake today but it seems like every single time we make plans to go to the lake we wake up on Sunday morning to crappy weather.  WTH is that about?  We both have tomorrow off so hopefully it will be nicer outside and we can do the lake thing tomorrow.  But what to do today ... what to do, what to do.   This blows.

8 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 bagel sandwich
>>corned beef
>>1 egg
>>no butter/cream cheese
chicken adobo
1/2 cup white rice (dry)
1/4 cup macaroni salad (gross!)
Daily Caloric Intake: 875

  • 5 flights of stairs
  • Playing: Took Vladdy and Piper to the dog park again this morning.  We went to the same one that we went to last night so I ran the agility course with both Piper and Vladdy again, then walked all over the park picking up piled of doo (from my dogs as well as other's dogs), and then played 'keep-away' with Vladdy.  Then we went to a different dog park and walked around but the wind got really bad so we left.
  • Shopping: We're getting super excited about the house and we can't really buy anything for it right now but we like to walk and dream and plan so we hit three furniture stores to look at bedroom sets, then we went to Lowe's and looked at lighting fixtures, carpets, barbecue grills, appliances, and paint samples.

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