Thursday, May 26, 2011

Accepted Offer

So Snackers and I went and looked at the "awesome" house I mentioned yesterday and it wasn't so awesome.  The tile was awesome but once inside we realized that the tile was about the only benefit it had.  The kitchen was smaller than the one we have now, the master bedroom was the only room with carpet and it had a square of urine stains where a dog appears to have lifted his leg all the way around the outside of a bed, and the stairs were very narrow and steep which, with tile, made them rather slippery.  The other three houses that we looked at were the same thing ... just not as good in person as they looked in the pictures.

Ironically, even as we were thinking that our original choice that we made an offer on was still the best house we had seen yet, we received a reply from the seller that they had accepted our offer with one exception: they don't want to pay for the one year warranty.  That bugged us but our Realtor said "I'll buy the warranty, don't let that be the reason that a deal doesn't go through if that's still the only house you've really truly loved" and I think she has a point.  We can't look the benefits of that house in the mouth over a $300 warranty ... just the fact that it is one of the only homes we've looked at that includes all appliances (good ones, I might add) counter balances the warranty because if we had to buy all new appliances it would cost us a lot more than $300.

After bidding our Realtor adieu we went and drove back through the community where the house is located to mull it over and all the reasons that we first fell in love with the house and the area just came flooding back to us.  It feels like a place where we could make a home in a community with like-minded dog loving people like ourselves.  It's a cute little house, small enough to keep us close and keep energy costs down but big enough to give us room for all four of our four-legged kids.  It has a very unique floor plan and a very comfortable, quaint feel to it.  Some of the other places we looked seemed ostentatious (including the "awesome" house from last night) and that's just not really our style so we called the Realtor last night and told her to make it happen.

Today we got news from the Realtor that she told the listing agent that we were on the fence and the listing agent said she would "make it happen" meaning she would talk the sellers into paying for the warranty so our offer is accepted, in full and WE GOT THE HOUSE!!!  Of course now it's all in the hands of our Lender.  I sent him all the paperwork that he requested from me today and my new boss called him to verify employment and offered to sign a certified referral letter if needed due to the ownership change.  My brother once told me that sometimes change, as scary as it may seem at the time, can be the greatest thing ever and I have to say that from my current perspective he was right.  As terrified as I was over work a few months ago, this change has brought gallons of support and piece of mind at work that I haven't had in a long time.  It feels really good!

8 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1/4 serving sunflower seeds
1 Healthy Choice lunch
2 chicken soft tacos
Daily Caloric Intake: 899

6 flights of stairs
Playing: We took Vladdy and Piper to the dog bark finally (Vladdy had his last set of booster shots and was cleared by the vet tonight) and Shawn and I ran around with him and showed him how to play with the other dogs.  He's soooo pooped right now!  I'm not pooped but I feel better about finally getting truly active.


  1. YEAY!!!! So excited for you guys!

    Always remember this lesson. Change is a lot like Beauty: it's all in the eye of the beholder.

    Good for you guys!

  2. Congratulations! My favorite form of exercise is painting and working on our new house. You'll love the change!

  3. Congratulations!! I'm so glad your going to get the one you want :)

  4. Thank you both! We're nervous and anxious and excited all at the same time! My lender says it's good to be nervous because it means we're cautious and that if we weren't nervous, as first time homebuyers, then he'd be worried about us. lol