Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Man On Fire

Last night was softball again and Snackers had the game of his life!  He played third and had some awesome defensive plays there but it was his hitting that was insane.  Three home runs, two doubles, two singles, and 12 runs batted in.  His team won both games by more than 10 runs so yay for Snackers.

We went house hunting before softball and I think we found a winner.  The first house that we looked at was owner-occupied but it's an older couple and the place looked really clean and well taken care of.  It has a gas stove, a gas fireplace, big bedrooms, a big back yard, and a lot of comfort.  The living room/dining room/kitchen area looked pretty small but I think that's just because they had a lot of stuff in there because we looked at two other homes that were the same sq. footage and they seemed bigger.  There is TONS of cupboard/pantry space in the kitchen, a HUGE closet in the master bathroom, and giant built-in shelving units in the garage.  We really loved it...and it's only 98,000.  We actually looked at 5 or 6 homes total but we picked three that we liked the best including that first one.  The other two are less money and slightly larger sq. footage but the yards are a lot smaller and they'll need some minor work like paint etc.  Still, they're on the list.

We're probably going to go look at them again tonight because our Realtor highly suggested we look twice before submitting an offer but I think we're going to offer 92,000 on the first home and see what the owner's reaction is.  They'll probably counter-offer but the woman has had knee replacement surgery recently and we kind of got the impression that they're eager to sell so maybe they'll take the 92,000 maybe not.  98,000 was their original asking price and a lot of homes in the area have come down 10,000 or even 15,000 but, at the same time, we can't sit too long or it just might be gone like those homes we looked at on Sunday.  This is where it gets tricky, I think.  One benefit of owner-occupied means owner-seller and that makes our chances of getting the closing date that we want a lot higher than if we were dealing with a bank, especially in this market.  But we have a really great Realtor that Snackers has known through his work for over 10 years and she's been in the industry in this area for over 25 years so my confidence in her is high.

8 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1/2 serving sunflower seeds
1 serving leftover steak
1 serving home made pizza
Daily Caloric Intake: 910

5 flights of stairs
Walking: 2.5 miles
Sprinting: Piper doesn't know how to play "chase" with Vladdy.  When he chases her she gets mad and when he runs away she just stands there and waits for him to come back so tonight I tried to teach her by sprinting back and forth across the park with both of them.  After four sprints I was breathing pretty hard.  Saweet!  Then Snackers and I decided to take them on the playground equipment because it was after dark and there weren't any kids around.  We went up the stairs, through a tunnel, over a bridge and down a slide.  Fun times!


  1. Good luck on the house shopping. I have a question though, I will probably groan when I hear the answer but... what is an HOA, I'm assuming it isn't what it sounds like or I'm betting that isn't a neighbourhood you would want to live in... hee hee.

  2. HOA stands for Home Owners Association. Basically it is a group of individually, usually elected by the community, who make decisions that affect the community on a local level such as repairs to sidewalks or community walls, maintenance on community amenities like pools or parks, and keep the community clean and safe by organizing neighborhood watch programs or issuing notices to homeowners that have messy or dilapidated homes/yards that are an eyesore for the rest of the community.

    In most cases HOA's are a good thing. Homes in HOA's tend to maintain a higher resale value for longer and communities with HOA's tend to look nicer and feel safer.

  3. Interesting, we do have "HOA'S" here, but they are, as far as I know only in some apartment, or condo communities. I don't know of any in communities where there are free standing homes that the people own. Although that by no means means they aren't out there.
    Good luck with finding what is right for you.