Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Crippled Hands

So, like an idiot, I somehow managed to mess up both of my hands pretty bad on the same day in two different mistakes/accidents.  First, I decided after supper that it was time to trim the dogs' claws so I got out the dremel and Snackers held first Piper and then Vladdy while I did a quick trim.  Vladdy's were a lot easier to manage because they stay pretty trim just from going on walks but Piper's nails have really long quick beds in them so hers have always been tough to do.  The problem with Vladdy, however, is he's not used to it yet like Piper is and he's a big boy so Snackers had a harder time holding him for me.  At one point Vladdy had his hand over my mouth, not biting down, and I was just about to flick him on the nose for it and Snackers, who couldn't see because of how he was holding Vladdy, draped his leg over him to pin him down and ended up forcing his mouth closed on my hand.  No skin was broken but I felt a crunch in the bones on the back of my hand and I'm pretty sure something is either cracked or chipped because I can't make a full fist and it hurts like hell.

So then, last night, I was taking Vladdy out and I wrapped his choke chain around my hands instead of his collar, like a moron, and when he lunged after Piper it cinched up on my hand in a very bad way.  So the back of my left hand is now all purple and swollen around the thumb.  It's going to be an interesting day.

On the upside I couldn't sleep last night because I was in a really crappy mood and just couldn't turn my brain off so, after posting, I did end up going for a walk after all.  I can't even guess at how far (probably not very) because I just stormed around the neighborhood in random directions.  Some people drive angry, apparently I walk angry because I was moving my ass and when I got home I was breathing very hard.  Yay, not a completely fruitless day after all but I didn't take Vladdy because I didn't want to deal with his crap so I can't count it toward my weekly goal.  Oh well.

8 glasses of water
2 cups of coffee w/creamer
1 leftover turkey sloppy joe
1 homemade turkey reuben
Daily Caloric Intake: 852

4 flights of stairs
I'm going to straight up say nothing and not even feel bad about it.  My hands hurt so bad I can barely lift a glass of water to my lips and I'm typing with my index fingers only in a hen-peck fashion.  No way I could hold a leash right now and the ibuprofin isn't doing squat to help.

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