Monday, May 9, 2011

Weigh-In 26

I did it!  Oh you have no idea how nervous I was climbing on the scale this morning.  I thought 'what if it happens again?  What if I've worked hard all week and watched the numbers drop every day only to see them spike back up again today?  Can that even happen again?  I've been so careful!'

So I swallowed my courage, took a deep breath and stepped onto the platform of eternal torment.  I DID IT!!!  I have officially LOST OVER 50 LBS!!!  It seems like it took me forever to get here and at a rate of 50 lbs every 6 months I will just barely make my deadline so I need to try to step it up a bit more on a go-forward basis but more importantly ... I DID IT!  I set the goal for myself this week that I wanted to get past that 50 lb milestone come hell or high-water and I actually did.

I can barely sit still!  I still have a whole day of work ahead of me and yet all I want to do is run around outside telling everyone I see that I've lost 50 lbs!  I wouldn't actually do that because I'm too shy but I want to!  FIFTY MOTHER-LOVING POUNDS!!!!

So here is the new award ... just like the last one it is an honor system award so take it and display it on your blogs if you've lost 50 lbs or more and feel free to pass it on to anyone that you know who has lost 50 lbs also.  Now I have to ride a horse to accomplish goal number 5 on my list ... that's a tuffy.  That's going to cost some money because I don't know anyone anymore that has horses that they'll let me ride for free.  I can check with my dad though and see if he knows anyone these days but, chances are, I'm going to have to buy a trail ride.  I hate trail rides.  I would much prefer a free-range ride where I can gallop and really have fun.  Actually I'm starting to get a little bit sad because the thought of getting on a horse again is making me realize that horseback riding will probably never be as fun as it was when I had Honey, my Spanish Barb Mustang.

I had spent an entire summer when I was a teen teaching her to crow-hop, side-step, rear, and jump straight up in the air on command.  Just by squeezing my legs I could get her to prance around and act all wild and crazy and she could run like the wind!  I will probably never find another horse like her for as long as I live and that makes me sad.  I am probably going to get on a horse, finally, after all of these years, and be disappointed.  That's a very sad thought.  On the other hand it will be Snackers' first time ever getting on a horse so maby the joy that I will feel for him will fill the gap that I will have from missing Honey Buns.

6 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 serving sunflower seeds
1/2 serving spaghetti pie
1 homemade turkey burger
Daily Caloric Intake: 840

6 flights of stairs
Jogging: jogged lightly with the dogs at softball to keep them warm
Lifting: Carried both dogs, at the same time, and repeatedly picked them up and set them down throughout the softball game as we moved from jogging to bleachers and back again trying to keep warm.  That's 36 lbs of dog!!!!


  1. congrats!! amazing job. i just noticed you started around the holidays, too, and have done an amazing job. i saved your blue ribbon to my desktop and hope to use it by July!

  2. Congratulations - remember - don't let it be the green light to screw up :-) The next goal is just around the corner - let's go for it.

  3. Happy dancing with ya. Congratulations, that is such an awesome accomplishment and you should be proud and happy!

  4. I've been following your blog for ages!! On blog lovin just wanted to write well done in your pics you can really see the change!! :D :D

  5. HUGE congratulations!!! You did it :) I'm sooooo proud of you.

  6. Woohoo, 50 pounds is amazing! Great job.

  7. That is MOST FANTASTIC! What an awesome thing. You rock!

  8. Congratulations...persistence really does pay off.

  9. Officially 50 lbs!!! Good for you. You have come a long way, you are rockin'!

  10. congradulations on making suck a wonderful goal!!! and have a good time riding!!