Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gourmet Skirt Steak

I've tried to cook steak before, for the record.  1) I rarely know anything about which cuts of meat to buy or how to cook each cut.  2) I'm a miser who has a hard time paying $30 for prime rib or $10 for a single steak just because it's a highly desirable cut so I usually buy the cheap steaks.  3) About the only way that I have ever known how to cook steaks (due to the fact that I don't own a grill, nor does my oven have a broiler) is in a pan with some kind of small amount of liquid to keep it from scorching the pan.  My steaks always come out dry, tough, and over-cooked.  Always.

UNTIL LAST NIGHT!  Ok, actually in all fairness Snack Monkey cooked this steak on the George Foreman but I watched him do it and I know I could do it too.  Behold a delicious, juicy, medium-rare steak rubbed with coffee and chili powder served with a side of chicken Rice-A-Roni.  This steak had 270 calories plus 15 for the Tbsp of A1 I put on my serving and 1/2 cup of rice had 115 calories.  I will admit that once I'd finished my meal (laid out in the form of a smiley face courtesy of Snack Monkey) I REALLY wanted to eat more steak but it wasn't because I was still hungry it was just that damn good.  You can cook it longer if you don't like it this red, which Snack Monkey did for his serving, but I like my meat practically still moo-ing so this was perfect for me.

This was yet another recipe from our new Cook This, Not That! cookbook which is, so far, 5 for 6 on the recipe's we liked list.  Let's recap:
I should also mention that when I first got to the gym last night ALL of the stationary bikes were full.  I was late getting there because Snack Monkey had a late day at work again (yay money!) and it fills up big time around 5 pm.  I wanted to try the bike because my motivation to exercise last night was really low, everything was sore from the park exercises the night before and I really wanted to just skip the gym and sit on my ass cross stitching all night so I figured the stationary might be a nice change of pace.  Anyhow, so the bikes were all full when I got there and my brother once told me that "abs are a freebie" meaning you can work them as often as you want, so I hit the ab-crunch machine and did 60 reps @ 50 lbs and 30 reps at 60 lbs.  By then a bike opened up so I hit the stationary for an hour.  By the time I finished the hour my ass cheeks were SO SORE!  I've cracked my tailbone at least 3 times in my life (the joys of training mustang horses as a teen) and anyone who's cracked or broken their tail bone knows that it never really heals so sitting on a firm surface for very long is always unpleasant.  I'm hoping as I continue taking some weight off that it will relieve some of the pressure but clearly I'm not there yet.

8 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee/w creamer
24 mini-wheats (dry)
1/2 cup rice-a-roni
1 cup edamame (soy beans)
1 foot long chicken sub
>>no cheese, 1 squirt light mayo
Daily Caloric Intake: 1162

Treadmill: 2 miles @ 3.3 mph w/30% incline
Treadmill: 1.3 miles @ 3.3 mph w/10% incline
(Wasn't watching caloric burn on the tread today because you can only watch calories or distance but not both at the same time.  When I finished my 60 minutes I hit the calorie button out of curiosity and had burned 538 calories!  HOLY CRAP MONKEYS!!!)

More Playlist Additions
Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody
Semisonic: Closing Time
Sugar Ray: Every Morning
Savage Garden: I Want You
Torly Wongs: Jedi Master (techno)
Weird Al: All About the Pentiums
Weird Al: Windows 95 Sux
Weird Al: The Saga Begins
Aerosmith: Sweet Emotions
Aerosmith: Come Together
Ashley McIsaac: Sleeping Maggie
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy: King of Swing
Dirty Vegas: Days Go By
FooFighters: Darling Nikki
George Thorogood: Bad To The Bone


  1. I saw that in the book and now i'm going to have to try it when we get the grill fired up :) Thanks for the review!!

  2. when you're faced with paying a litle extra for a good cut of meat, just remind yourself that it would be 5x as much if you ordered it in a restaurant. That makes it feel like more of a bargain!

  3. Looks YUMMY! I usually read from my phone on google reader so I cannot make proper use of the song links. But on computer today and I wanted to make sure to tell you I love how you link your playlist. Lets me look at other singers that I have heard of but never heard a clip of or what not. :)

  4. WOW Lyns, 32lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a GREAT DAY!!! We are SO SO EXCITED for you! Was really cute seeing you on the "pit stop" of the running park; we're REALLY REALLY missing you, (my baby girl). Liked the one pic on the balance beam, all you can see are your head, hands and little legs and feet ----everything else is black. Lol. We started the 17-Day Diet Monday and dad says he feels like he did when he was 40! His blood sugars are down so much, he's only taking 1-insulin shot a day and even then has to be careful to watch ---his readings have been around 104 since the 2nd day. Love "Snack Monkey"s new name ---that fits him to a T!! Love you, keep up the good work; I need to get going, you're catching up, (oh no, catching DOWN), to me! LOL

  5. Suzi: My pleasure! We're going to be trying the fajita burrito's for sure next time we go shopping and I want to get the stuff to make black bean burgers for me even though I know Snack Monkey won't eat them.

    Lanie: Although that's true it does depend on the meat. In Vegas there are a 101 places where you can get a Prime Rib dinner for $3.99 but a Prime Rib in the store is $30. I need to learn to separate the restaurant treasures from the grocery store treasures. Now that I'm learning about different cuts that should be easier.

    Swan: Oh my pleasure! Amazon doesn't always have the exact song I'm looking for so I try to link to an album, at the very least, when I can.

    Mom: That's great, I'm glad he's feeling so much better. I'll bring my book up with us when we visit this month and you can copy some of the recipe's if you want. What are you at? How close am I to catching "down" to you?

  6. I purchased this book today! I am browsig it and DROOLING!

  7. made the oven baked egg for dinner tonight, made mine with chicken, spinach, and roma tomatoes, it was great! Even added some franks red hot! thanks for the recipe

  8. Awesome Kay, I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for dropping in to let me know, I've been so curious