Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Heads Up!

Well softball happened again last night, two games back to back as always.  Our friends from last season showed up to cheer the team on but the female member of the couple was sick so they couldn't stay long.  It was nice to be able to visit with them again though; they're always so much fun to be around.  When they left I started my laps and knew I wouldn't have enough time left in the games to take breaks so I just kept going round and around ticking the laps off with my fingers as I walked.  I nearly got hit by at least four fouls, maybe more.  It's always fun when you hear a bunch of people screaming "HEADS UP!" and you look over to find that they're all looking right at you.  At that point you don't actually look up ... trust me on this one, looking up is the worst thing that you can do because, for all you know, you'll look up just in time for the ball to smack you in the face.  What you do is what I like to call "The Turtle": you duck your head, wrap your arms over it, move a few steps closer to a fence or a tree and just wait until you hear the ball hit the ground somewhere nearby.  I've gotten very good at this maneuver.

Snack Monkey had, not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR awesome catches in the outfield.  Every time a ball went his way it seems like he was diving and sliding and rolling around to catch something and his white softball pants are thrashed after last night's game.  But he had fun and, hopefully, earned some respect from the rest of the team.  There are a few younger guys on our team who still have a high-school mentality; you know, they think they're the "in" crowd and everyone else is "out".  First of all they're both cops and second they both think they're the best looking men to walk the planet.  They're not, of course.  In fact they're really not even semi-cute but they always have a different bimbo for each of them at every game - cocktail waitresses and strippers mostly.

Thanks Misty!
This image was a gift for me from Misty which shows a progressive shadow of the weight I've lost so far.  The black shadow of my arm and the white strip of shirt/pants on the left side of the image is an indication of how I've narrowed.  It's kind of cool to see it like this but it will be really exciting when the difference between two photo's is a lot more obvious.  I'm really tired today in spite of going to bed at 11 last night and sleeping till 6:30 this morning.  I have bags under my eyes that would make Walter Mathau jealous and, apparently, the skin around my eyes is so puffy that I even have crow's feet when I smile.  I'm 28 years old, I'm not old enough to have crow's feet!  I've been taking my vitamins every day and tried upping my calories to over 1,200 on most days as many of you suggested, plus I think I'm making better food choices but the bags just seem to be getting bigger.  I've tried green tea bags and cucumbers over my eyes, to no avail, and I've considered hemorrhoid cream but am hesitant because I've heard that it can be dangerous.  Anywho, I've got some school work to get done before I start my shift at normal work so I'll stop rambling now.

6 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
4 oz pico de gallo
2 korean rice cakes
1 6" chicken breast sub
1 Chicken Adobo breast (from the recipe book)
1/2 cup rice
Daily Caloric Intake: 863

Wii Walking: 3.13 miles at approx 3.2 mph


  1. look at how far you've come. I remember when you were all "i don't like water" blah blah blah. Now you're almost drinking 8 cups a day!

  2. I never didn't like water, at least not during the course of this blog. I was having trouble drinking a lot of it but not because I didn't like it; it was because soooo much liquid was just going right through me. My sodium intake was too low so I was waking up to pee four times a night and felt like I was drowning all the time. My brother suggested I up my sodium and it's made all the difference. Now I only get up to pee once in the middle of the night and sometimes not at all.