Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Know I'm Loved

I was delighted when I saw Snack Monkey through the window, coming up the walk with a box of what looked like candy and a balloon but a little part of the back of my mind sank because of my efforts to lose weight.  I'm not a jewelry person, I think flowers are pointless because they just die, in fact I'm really not even the kind of person who expects to get a present on Valentines day at all but I was thrilled to see that he'd gotten me something none-the-less.  I was even more thrilled when I realized that the box wasn't full of candy, each tiny little piece over 100 calories ... but chocolate dipped fruit and only 12 large pieces.  Talk about the perfect idea right?  Ok so there's chocolate involved but chocolate dipped fruit is a whole lot better than chocolate dipped chocolates or caramels and I can share with Snack Monkey so that I don't eat as many myself.  There was also a card, a box of chocolate sweethearts (which Snack Monkey will probably eat for me), a chocolate rose which is on the mantle pretending to be a silk rose so that it won't get eaten, and a balloon.  I really love that picture, and I didn't think I would because I was trying to crouch down to get beneath the balloon but it came out really cute, I think.

Inside the box were chocolate dipped strawberries, bananas, and green apple slices; my favorite!  Many of you may recall that I don't particularly care for bananas and when it comes to just normal bananas that's true but one of my all-time favorite flavor combinations is chocolate and bananas - I think the only thing I like chocolate with more is probably popcorn or some other form of salty snack.  Snack Monkey also made dinner reservations at Mimi's which is one of our favorite restaurants and afterward we came home and curled up in bed together to watch TV.

To be totally honest I'm not big on most holidays; I like Halloween probably more than the rest because I get to play dress-up and New Years is nice because we usually spend it with my family and I love spending Christmas with Snack Monkey's family but actually dislike the holiday itself because of all the money people spend on it.  I have to say that this Valentines day was the perfect holiday for me; light celebration but nothing too crazy.  We had a nice time but didn't spend ourselves silly and I got to catch up on my sleep and relaxation which I really, really needed to do.

7 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
steamed broccoli w/pico
1 lean gourmet lunch
2 chocolate covered strawberries (they were turning brown)
2 chocolate covered bananas (only 2 apples left now)

6" chicken breast sub
>>the usual
Daily Caloric Intake: 977

Softball Laps: 12 laps = approx 3 miles
Also shagged a few balls (jogged for them!  I can jog now!!!)


  1. Awww you look so cute!! What a wonderful gift from Snack Monkey :)

  2. How incredibly thoughtful of your man to buy you chocolate covered fruit! You must sleep well at night knowing you are truly loved by someone who supports you 100%!

    I absolutely love reading your blog; it keeps me motivated! And, congratulations on your weight loss; you look great!

  3. Suzi: Thank you thank you! I guess this means he's a keeper huh?

    Erin: Thank you so much! I am glad you like the blog and that you get motivation from it. Knowing that makes it easier for me to keep at it!