Thursday, February 24, 2011


I love the super skinny shadow!
Last night was so much fun!  I'm so glad Snack Monkey suggested that we take our B-Ball and break it in finally.  I used to play a lot of ball when I was a teenager, for a church team.  We would have practice and games every week and I would also spend a fair amount of time with friends playing at the park but I was a little bit worried that I would be rusty and really suck last night because I haven't played in over ten years.  In this picture I am admiring the super skinny, darker shadow inside the lighter one as I prepare to shoot the ball.  It's like an example of me now and me who I want to/will be.  It was dark by the time we got there but the courts were lit and they're in this adorable little park surrounded by grassy hills so snagging wayward shots was quite fun and good exercise.  By the end of the night I could see why they say you shouldn't try to jog/run if you're over 200 lbs though.  The bones in my shins were killing me and every time I would run fast to stop a ball and then stop fast when I got to it I would feel this sharp pain up through my feet.  It's amazing that I've weighed too much for my legs and feet to safely handle and didn't even really realize it until I started trying to lose.

Snagging a missed shot

This one looks good!

She shoots, she scores!  And the crowd goes wild!

9 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 Fiber One bar
1 serving leftover steak
1/2 avocado, plain
1 cup rice-a-roni
1 serving coffee steak
Daily Caloric Intake: 1108

Wii Walking: 3.38 miles (6766 steps)

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