Friday, February 25, 2011

Back on the Wii

When Snack Monkey and I went to my mom's house for Thanksgiving we took the Wii so that we could show my parents how awesome it is.  With it we took Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 and Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board.  When we left, unfortunately, we forgot to put the balance board in the car and, until last weekend, it's been sitting at my mom's collecting dust.  Every time I used the Wii Fit game it would ask me to do a body test to check progress and I would always skip that step because it required the balance board so I was very excited to see what it would say about my 35 lb loss when I flipped it on last night.

To my complete and utter joy it said that I weighed 248 lbs!  Now that's not an official weigh-in because I will use my bathroom scale for that on Monday morning, and I am sure there is going to be some variation in scale readings because most scales have slightly different calibrations from one another.  But that weight was registered about an hour after I had eaten dinner which is when I generally assume I'm at my heaviest within a 24 hour period; I typically weigh first thing in the morning, after I go potty and before I eat or drink anything.  If that weight is even close to accurate come Monday morning, that will put me very close to having lost 40 lbs and it will mean I've successfully completed my challenge for this week by accomplishing my second goal of getting under 250 lbs!

YAY WII!  I'm starting to really give some serious thought to canceling the gym membership, saving up the $20 a month while Wii Walking at home or doing other forms of exercise, and eventually using that savings to buy a treadmill.  If I had more space in my living room I probably would have already started saving up for one because a big portion of my motivation issues when it comes to working out is the hassle of getting dressed, getting in the car and driving to the gym just to do something that I could be doing from the comfort of my living room while watching Netflix.  Last night I marched in place for over an hour while watching Destination Truth: Season 3 and although I worked up an awesome sweat, I wasn't nearly as bored or eager to "get it over with" as I have been at the gym lately.  I actually haven't even been to the gym in almost two weeks and, aside from the fact that I do still want to incorporate weight training into my work-outs for toning and muscle building, I feel like I'm wasting my money on it at this point.  I haven't utilized the free tanning sessions in at least a month, the massage chairs hurt my spine, and the dual TV's constantly tuned to the Food Network channel drive me INSANE because I don't want to watch them but can't stop watching at the same time.  If I can, however, I do want to go the gym tomorrow after the blood drive and do some stomach and arm exercises, then I'll probably do my walking/cardio in the evening at home or maybe see if Snack Monkey wants to go to the park with me.

7 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
24 mini-wheat biscuits
1/2 cup skim milk
1 cup rice-a-roni
1 serving coffee steak
foot long chicken sub
>>the usual
Daily Caloric Intake: 1389

I woke up sick this morning.  I know better than to try to exercise when what I need to do is rest and save my energy for my immune system.  This does not bode well for Monday's weigh-in.  *sigh*  February has been such a bad month for weight-loss.

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