Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Home Cooking

Now that Snack Monkey and I are cooking at home more we've been wanting to upgrade our cookware to make life a little easier.  We went into the store thinking we were going to get a pot set with skillets and a knife block and some cutting boards and maybe some other small things but we just didn't realize how expensive those things are when you're looking for quality.  After several hours of browsing isles we finally resigned ourselves to the fact that our pots and pans may not match but they're not necessarily in that bad of shape.  Our skillet is, by far, the worst with scrape marks all over the bottom from Snack Monkey using metal spoons and stuff in it, plus it doesn't have a lid which is something we often find a need for so we decided to replace it and deal with what we've got for the rest of our pans for now.  Everything we read online said not to buy sets anyway because it's better to pick specific pieces that are really needed.

I'm really the most excited about the steamer basket for veggies and the cutting mats.  We have one of those hard plastic cutting boards with a textured surface and every time I chop veggies on it I hear these little pops and snaps with every slice.  Then it's no surprise when my really good knives are dull almost every time I pull them out to use them and I have to keep sharpening them.  We have a great sharpener so I finally convinced Snack Monkey that we don't need new knives, we just need to protect the ones we have with a better cutting surface.

I feel sore and tired again after last night's shopping excursion but I question whether or not I burned the amount of calories that I would have burned had I just gone to the gym as planned.  Tonight is softball again and I'm looking forward to it; I'd like to get a pedometer to count my steps for me so I have a better idea of how far I've walked when I do laps around the field.  I forgot to mention ... I jogged the other day.  It was probably the first time in years that I've moved faster than a walk, no kidding.  I had forgotten my purse and had to go from the car to the house to get it and we were trying to hurry so I picked up my heels and jogged.  It felt awkward at first but after a few steps it felt kind of natural so I did it again on my way back out to the car.  It wasn't far but when you've not been able to run for so long because you're as out of shape as I am, just being able to say "I jogged" feels like a significant victory!

Now I get to prep my deductions for tax season.  Weeeee! NOT!

8 glasses of water
1cup of coffee w/creamer
1 Fiber One bar
1 leftover A-1 Burger
1/2 serving of hummus w/pita chips
1 turkey Reuben (pico instead of Russian dressing)
2 oz fries
Daily Caloric Intake: 1355

Softball laps: 4 miles (16 laps)
(I could have actually done more but the games ended really early because Snack Monkey's team slaughtered their opponents and the Blue called the game on the mercy rule.)

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