Friday, December 31, 2010

I am Perplexed

Yesterday I was 100% certain I had torn a muscle in my right thigh, specifically the quadriceps femoris (which I highlighted in blue with the graphic editing world's WORST recolor tool):

This morning I very gingerly rolled out of the bed, placed my feet on the floor, braced myself with my hands and slowly applied weight to my leg.  Nothing.  Not even a tinge of tightness.  I'm thrilled, of course, but confused and a little irritated.  Last night that muscle had me in TEARS and I've always known muscle pain to get worse over a period of approximately three days, before it starts getting any better.  But today ... nope I'm good.  The Sartorius muscles (inner thighs) still feel a little bruised but I could totally go walking again today.  I'm sure I'd pay for it afterward, but right now I feel hunky dory.  WTH?!

In other news, I did some research on runners addiction last night because everyone has been asking me why I'm doing three miles like a crazy woman.  To answer everyone all at once ... I don't really know why.  I got on the treadmill last night, plugged in my Mp3 player, turned it up to 3 mph and started walking.  The first song came on and it was really up-beat and one of my favorites so I felt like I was walking too slow to enjoy the song so I popped the speed up to 3.4 ... within a minute I was realizing I couldn't keep up very well and popped it back down to 3.2 where I stayed the rest of the time.  I started getting into the music big time, Nickleback, Tatu, Rammstein, even a few songs from Flogging Molly and the Dropkick Murpheys.  I was alone in the gym so I started singing and drumming my hands on the safety bar of the treadmill and just having a grand old time!

Next thing I know "Temptation" sends me a text about dinner and I look at my stats to see where I'm at.  2.89 miles and around 50 something minutes.  So I said "sure we can go to dinner, come pick me up I have 10 minutes left".  When I hit 3 miles I tapped the "cool down" button on the treadmill and it started to gradually reduce my speed and that was that.  I wasn't out of breath (breathing and sweaty but far from exhausted), my legs weren't tired, I felt pretty darn good actually!  So how can walking feel so good that I can actually hurt myself?

One of our fellow bloggers who has created an entire a veritable encyclopedia about running mentions addiction: "Many new walkers and runners discover they are becoming addicted to walking or running, and they like that feeling and they like being in charge of their body. I would suggest, however, that becoming addicted to walking or running can be dangerous, because it can cause one to overdo it."  I can relate to this; I suppose that when I've spent as long as I have being obese and having trouble just climbing a flight of stairs, to get on a treadmill and walk for 60 minutes without falling over or even wanting to quit is empowering.
I also found a very interesting article re: runners addiction posted by MSNBC here .

Before you read today's food ... yes I majorly screwed up!  We canceled the trip to my mom's for the weekend and then "Temptation" came home and wanted to go to the bank and pick up a few items and we ended up running to every craft store in town looking for a specific color of yarn and then we ended up at Sears to exchange a rice cooker and blah blah.  Bad night, so then the topic of dinner came up and Applebees parking lot was packed so "Temptation" suggested Macaroni Grill (I'd never been there before) and it was past 8 so we were starving and cranky, plus we were exhausted so I just went with it.  Once inside ... it was all down hill.  And then "Temptation" ordered the tirimisu then said he couldn't finish it without my help and "besides it's the last night of 2010" or "this is the last thing you'll eat this year, enjoy it", plus I really can't resist tirimisu, especially freshly made, not pre-packaged tirimisu and ... yeah I know this is BAD!  Be gentle.

6 glasses of water
1 banana
1 cup of coffee w/creamer (I just couldn't skip it after all)
2 Korean rice cakes
1 cup tabouli
1 whole wheat bagel
2 light laughing cow cheese wedges
1/2 order mediterranean olives
1 order chicken scaloppini, light sauce, no proscuitto
1/2 order tirimisu
Daily Caloric Intake: 1868

3 hours shopping (grrr)
300 crunches


  1. That is so strange about your leg - but good, right? I know what you mean about being "addicted" to exercise. You are young and it's not going to kill you, but you want to make sure not to injure yourself so you can keep on keepin' on. I think when we get excited about losing weight we want to go, go, go and the music is great and you start getting this wonderful feeling. It's all good. Glad your leg is better.

    As far as majorly screwing up goes - it wasn't a binge, however, I find that if I let myself get too hungry and cranky (as in when you're shopping)chances are I'll grab for the easiest thing available. Just a thought (and this is for me as well) but what about having a snack in your purse - some nuts, fruit - whatever is good for you - and then you may have felt stronger to resist temptation - lol - not that Temptation :)

    Tiramisu is a tough one for me to resist too. Glad my hubby doesn't like it and wouldn't order it.

  2. You could always post a play list of all your faves so we can all enjoy!

  3. I am NOT one to beat up another adult for THEIR food choices. YOU ARE AN ADULT!! You chose to eat it now you have to live with the consequenses.
    Believe you me..I was farrrrr from perfect tonight.
    I have a long ways to go in dealing with my food issues.
    I got this fat for a reason and that does not get cured over night or over a few months time. So I am a work in progress. So if I am...I am sure you are too!!
    So NO I wont beat you up..But I am here for you if you ever need to talk! because I know it is tough.Those little marshmallow things I made that are on my blog....I dont even really like pretzles and I cant stay out of them..They are now thanks to DH above the fridge.

    If you enjoy walking then go for it..One way or another you will get benefit out of it. But dont kill yourslef over it if you think it is the only way for you to lose weight !

  4. The sartorious, which is an inner thigh muscle, actually crosses from the outside of the hip over to the inside of the knee. I can't remember the name of the inner thigh muscle of which you speak, but I always remember the sartorious because it is notorious for crossing over. :D

  5. I dont think your food is all that bad!? Im missing something, you did pretty well! And...just had to comment cuz Im loving your mp3 playlist too! I miss my gym days. Right now Im in "complain mode" because we moved away from the only gym I felt comfy in, that isnt a meat market and isnt always packed --ahhh I should shuddup-- I do have an elliptical in my house that Im not making use of! LOL. Sorry for the ramble on your blog, Happy New Year!

  6. Darla: yes, strange but good. Snack in purse: I uh...don't really carry a purse. lol I have a clutch big enough for ID, credit cards, and a pen and that's about it. I've tried purses in the past and I'm just too much of a tom boy I guess.

    Anne H: I am not sure that I know how to make a playlist. You mean just post a list of songs or actually find a way to add the Mp3z to the blog so you can listen to them?

    Renea: And this is why I adore you. It seems like we have gone through almost everything together without even meaning to. I have a bad day and then you have one. You have a great day and then I have one. We plateaued together, complained together, and struggle together. This whole journey would be so much harder without you. Thank you for being you.

    Mandy: Yeah I got the impression that my little picture chart wasn't very detailed. ;) I usually call them my "bikini line muscles" lol.

    ariel: my daily goal is 1600 calories in or less. I went a little more than a little over that. Lately, however, I've been consistently eating around 1200-1300 a day so maybe I will not have done too much damage...I hope

  7. The best way to avoid being sore the day(s) after a workout is to workout every day. Especially when you are first starting. That doesn't mean a marathon every day, but maybe just a mile at a slower pace or as much as you can do. It will warm you up and stretch your legs out. Stay in your groove as long as possible!!!!!!!!! It's so very hard to get that "spark", groove, whatever you want to call it that drives you to excercise and eat better. Taking off too many days leads to weeks, months and then never. Even if you only do a little every day, you will be establishing a habit that will stay with you. I spent an entire year going to they gym several days a week and didn't loose a thing, but I established a habit that has stuck and that is def. not a waste of time. Also Rodney Yee has an excellent AM Yoga DVD wich is all stretching.. I highly reccomend it. Even if that is all you did for the day, your muscles will be stretched and you will feel energized. Good fast music (Lady Gaga!!) changed my workouts forever. And the Diet Natzi in me wants to just say.. next time your bf tells you he can't finish his desert without you, ask him why the hell he's eating it in the first place. He doesn't need all that sugar and carbs either. But mostly you need to stay on track for you regardless of what other people are doing. It's your butt, it's your gut, it's your life not theirs. When someone offers me something, and trust me EVERYONE knows that I am working on a healthy lifestyle, I just look at them like "what the HELL are you thinking, I'm not eating that and neither should you" I don't get too many offers of crap anymore. Most people just say "oh Lisa won't eat that" and that's the end of it. You can reach your goal, it's entirely possible. April 2008 I weighed 228 lbs. I'm sure it was probably up closer to 250 at some point before that. Today my scale says 143.2. I was completely sedentary, addicted to sugar and processed crap and could barely get up a flight of stairs without sucking wind. Today I call myself a jogger and can run about 80% of 6 miles on a good day. In 2010 I lost 50.6 lbs... That's what jogging and eating well can do for you. Yep that averages less than a pound a week. It also gives your skin time to catch up with your bod and reduces the "saggy skin" issue. But you must must must excercise for that to happen. Hope there's something in there that you can use. Have a great day and go work out!! :o)