Monday, December 13, 2010

Weigh-In #5

Well I woke up this morning with swollen fingers and feet, a bloated tummy, and cramps.  I also had to get up three times in the middle of the night to use the ladies room, so the number on the scale this morning was not at all surprising or discouraging.  In fact, it was better than I expected: Precisely the same as last week.  I must confess, however ... I am suffering the consequences of eating cheese yesterday due to a very slight lactose intolerance issue.  I'm not usually this sensitive to it but I suspect having gone so long without eating any real, actual cheese has had something to do with my body's reaction to it.  Why must something I love so much come back to bite me in the ass?  (Figuratively speaking)

This felt like an extremely long week for some reason, so long that I actually briefly wondered if I'd missed a weigh-in and had to check the calendar to be sure.  Tomorrow is picture day and I'm sticking to it in spite of feeling all puffy today.  Puffy or not I'm still 16 lbs smaller than I was when I started this journey a month ago and that feels really, really nice, I just wish I felt better.  I mean, I feel fine as far as the weight goes but physically I am feeling a little bit run-down, still can't kick this cough from being sick, and I still have congestion in my ears.

I got 100% on both of my class assignments for school last week so I'm happy about that too but in spite of waking up an hour before the alarm sounded this morning, I wish I could go back to bed for the rest of the day.  It doesn't help that I forgot to make coffee last night before bed so that it would be waiting for me in the fridge this morning and I don't feel like brewing it up now.  On the upside I discovered these awesome Newtons Fruit Crisps thanks to a friend of mine who introduced me to them.  They're surprisingly tasty and relatively filling for only 100 calories.  They also have 0 saturated and trans fat and contain decent potassium and protein!  Now if I could just find them in the store, right now it seems that they are a promotional item so you can only get them from certain courtesy locations.

5 glasses of water
1 banana
6 oz nonfat yogurt
1 Newtons Fruit Crisps Pack
1 can hearts of palm
8 oz pork loin (dry)
1 everything bagel w/cream cheese
1 can Progresso light chicken soup
2 slices white bread
1 laughing cow light cheese wedge
1 hostess 100 calorie snack pack
Daily Caloric Intake: 1530

50 crunches
50 leg lifts (side) each leg
30 push-ups
Daily Caloric Burn: 245


  1. Hmmm, I didn't realize you still suffer from Lactose Intolerance ---- you had it REALLY bad as a toddler/child and LOVED, LOVED cheese then too. Hooray for your 100% on your papers ---good job! Pick up and work hard at getting back into your routine ------ hate to see you have to start over there again, that's where I usually fail. During busy-season here at the B/B, I'm constantly running so I do quite well; then winter hits, I DIE for a couple weeks and can't get into a routine, eventhough I have the time now. Hang in there sweetie - and I too will get going on a routine and try to catch up to you. Glad you're feeling better, that was a miserable cold/flu huh?

  2. I don't usually have problems with lactose but I think it's just been having gone so long without it and then eating 20 little bite-sized pieces in one day wreaked havoc.

    The cold was A KILLER! I'm still not totally over it, my ears still pop when I yawn or swallow and it's not just a normal pop like when you change elevation it is EXTREMELY PAINFUL! I also still have minor congestion and a dry cough. The worst part is that working out is twice as hard now as it was when I very first started. Since starting a work-out routine again I get light headed, weak and shaky legs, nauseated feelings, and cold sweats every time I work out. I'm not sure if this is because I took time off or because of the cold but this wasn't really happening right before I got sick unless I worked out really hard, which I haven't been.

    Leg lifts, for example: before I got sick I was doing something like 60 of them and today I could barely manage 30. Crunches: I was up to 150 and yesterday I didn't think I was going to make it through 50. I can feel mostly fine all day, eat right before I work out, and make sure I breathe properly while exercising and yet it still makes me feel like crap for a good hour afterward. It blows!