Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Seventh Weigh-In

Well I didn't "survive" the holidays with as much gumption as I had hoped I would but I did better than I had feared I would ... so far.  As I am sure you all know, it can be really hard to count calories when you're more or less at the mercy of others. We had a great time, took lots of pictures, and I remembered to get some physical activity in the entire weekend but the availability of wine and champagne all weekend eventually got the best of me.  Thank goodness I'm home again...for now.

Yesterday we left the house early, skipping breakfast entirely, so that we could try to make it to the beach before the bad weather got there.  I walked over half a mile (3706 feet round trip) on a pier to get take-out from a restaurant at the very end and then we went to the dog beach to eat and let our dog play in the sand.  I had a Greek chicken sandwich and five french fries with an iced tea.  We got stuck in traffic almost the entire trip so a three hour drive turned into a 5.5 hour drive and we swung through Cafe Rio for dinner where I had two salmon taco's (small tortilla's, grilled salmon, lettuce, cilantro, and lime), no green sauce or cheese, with black beans and rice.

We will be heading out again sometime later this week to spend New Years at my mom's house where I will, once again, be without internet.  I will still do my best to be mindful of what I'm eating and control my portions when I can't control my food selections but, thankfully, my family doesn't drink so that is a MAJOR temptation that will be off the table this coming weekend.  All-in-all I would say that a gain of only half-a-pound, though not what I was hoping for going into this weekend, is WAY better than what I was afraid it might be coming out of it.

3 glasses of water
8 oz Mocha Protein Shake
2 Korean rice cakes
1 fat free yogurt
1/2 leftover pork burrito (not enchilada style)
1 large whole pickle
1 can hearts of palm
22 whole grain berry and poppyseed crackers (YUM!)
Daily Caloric Intake: 1192

100 squats
100 jumping jacks
100 push-ups
1.5 hours shopping (not counted below)
Daily Caloric Burn: 327


  1. But you did Survive...and that's what matters. Keep up the good work and exercise. PS - what is the brand name of the berry and poppyseed crackers? They do sound yum!

  2. They are "World Table" brand and there were a bunch of flavors but this is the one that had the lowest calories. I'll post a pic of them here in just a few minutes

  3. Dont use the weather as an excuse not to exercise. I am still running outside, even through the snow.

  4. Pretty: Oh I've kept exercising but it's been all indoor stuff like squats, lunges, crunches, leg lifts, etc. I know I could (and probably should) go out walking in spite of the cold but last week the southwest U.S. received record breaking rains that caused major floods, swept houses down river, and led government officials to declare a state of emergency in our area and other surrounding areas.

    I don't mind jogging in cold but I don't own anything that is rain proof so jogging in pouring rain, not so fun ya know? :) But last night it was too dark to go out walking after I got off work so I hit the treadmill and it was awesome!