Saturday, December 4, 2010

Not feeling chatty

Maybe it will change later today but I'm just not feeling chatty right now.  Still sick, more than I was yesterday even.  I really hate being sick because I know it's going to be even harder to exercise today than it was yesterday and it really, really sucked yesterday but I'm going to do it anyway.

I threw a beef roast in the oven and "Temptation" wants green bean casserole with it.  I've done the calorie math and it's not too bad so I guess I'll give him what he wants.  I haven't really eaten any substantial form of meat in a few days and I can tell that my protein is suffering because, in addition to what I would expect from being sick, I look really pale in the mirror.  I keep wanting to just sleep all day but I can't force myself to fall asleep and I'm hating it.

Guess I'll go watch the America's Next Top Model marathon and hope it bores me to sleep while the roast cooks.  I've watched a few episodes so far and one of the girls keeps complaining about her weight and everyone is telling her she's too fat to be a model and it just makes me angry.  I would give my soul to have her body and they're telling her to suck it in....are you kidding me?  Superficial piles of judgmental, demeaning, crap.  That girl should not be down on herself at all, it's just bullshit.

Upside of being sick, apparently it makes me very thirsty.  Big water intake again today.

6 glasses of water
8 oz orange juice
1 can V8 Fusion
1 immunity booster drink
1 banana
1 cup potatoes (they're gone, yay!)
1 dinner roll
1 1/2 cups beef roast
1/2 cup green bean casserole
1 cup hot broth w/cayenne and lemon
1 snickers 90 calorie snack
Daily Caloric Intake: 1293

30 minutes belly dancing
6 minutes with the shakeweight
Daily Caloric Burn: 351


  1. Oh, be careful and feel better. Being sick in a terrible place to be. Being sick while trying to limit calories? Blech.

    But you've got some seriously impressive will. You've managed more than I could on that type of a diet, and you still sound positive that you can do it. THAT is going to see you through.

  2. Picture day is in 10 days ... I really hope that it shows the improvements that I ~think~ I can see in the mirror. I know my 22's hang on my hips now. I can't quite pull them down without unbuttoning them, but if they ride any lower I'll be showing crack so that's a positive sign at least.

    Unfortunately my bra feels a little less "filled-out" too. I tried to warn "Temptation" that the first place I'd lose weight would be in my bra and he didn't believe me.