Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tap-Water, Shmap-Water

Well I think I've just discovered a clue as to why it was so easy to finally quit soda after all these years.  Yesterday, during work, I stepped away from my desk to fill up my first post-coffee glass of water and noticed that the Brita cooler was running a little low.  I thought 'I should fill that up during my lunch break so it's filtered and cold after my work-out' ... lunch break came around and I drained the last of the Brita with my meal but forgot to refill it because I was running a little late getting off for lunch as it was.  Post-workout water break comes around and there's no Brita water so I fill my glass from the tap.

First of all ... tap water tastes like pennies.  I am not joking, I could have dropped a penny in my glass, let it soak for 20 minutes, and it wouldn't have changed the flavor one bit.  Secondly, there was a little black piece of some kind of metal or corrosion floating my glass that I had to fish out before I could drink it.  And third, it gave me heart burn!  Serious heartburn and I haven't had heartburn in a long, long time!

So I realized that we got the Brita for "Temptation" about 6 months before I quit soda but I never really drank any water from it because I would always just reach for a soda instead.  Then when I thought I'd try giving it up I started drinking water out of the Brita ... no wonder I was never able to quit soda before.  Tap water SUCKS!

5 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 donut (I know, but we're running low on groceries)
1 V8 Fusion
3/4 cup spaghetti noodles
1/4 cup spaghetti sauce w/ground beef
1 can green beans w/salt & pepper
1 whole wheat bagel sandwich (contents below w/>>)
>>1 laughing cow cheese wedge
>>1 egg, scrambled
>>1/4 of an avocado, sliced
>>1 tomato slice
30 Sunchips
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,471

200 crunches
30 leg lifts (side) each leg
30 butterfly leg lifts
30 push-ups
Daily Caloric Burn: 307


  1. And it's poisonous to boot. Chiefly among the contaminants in tap water is flourine which is being shown to:

    * screw up your metabolism
    * cause cancer
    * cause social-behavioral problems
    * lower IQ

    Speaking of the penny-taste you noticed in your tap-water... too much copper consumption is also toxic is potentially-lethal and damages:

    * proteins
    * DNA
    * lipids

    I am not a tap-water nazi, but the stuff really is pretty bad for you. And that's not taking into account a whole host of heavy-metals that may be in your water from old/out-dated pipes in your house and in the city's system.

    Note: I am not an advocate of, but if you take note of their references (and follow their links to the original sources) you'll see that they have documented this article with quality sources... the ADA, the Scientific American, the London Observer, Harvard, etc.

  2. Hoyly freakin' WOW on your crunches!!! I am totally jealous!!! My tummy hurts after 45-50.... you are doing awesome!!

  3. Brandon: I am a whole hearted Brita advocate. The water tastes better, it's always cold and never needs ice, and we have a big one so we will fill the post-filter reservoir and then fill the top as well so that as we drink the purified stuff, the stuff in the top purifies and refills the bottom. It's got a spigot on the front so I don't have to take it in and out of the fridge like a pitcher to get a refill. I use to make coffee and in cooking too.

    Trisha: mine starts to hurt after about 50 also so I do them in batches. Yesterday I did 50 crunches, then the side leg lifts, then 50 more crunches, then the push-ups, then 50 more crunches, then the butterfly lifts, and then 50 more crunches. It makes it a lot easier to do more reps by breaking them up like this and I get to keep moving in other ways in between instead of just laying there doing nothing while I rest.

  4. I too use a Brita filter- I have one that is attached to my faucet and another in the fridge for drinking. Mostly for paranoia purposes, not because of the taste though. We actually have great tasting water from our tap- but we get it from a local well that just happens to have exquisite water! I have had water out of taps in other towns and the water tastes like chlorine and a myriad of other chemicals. Yum.

  5. I HATE tap water..I have been thinking about buying one of those brita things. I even have one of those fridges that has a built in water filter but i can see the calicium build up on the front of the fridge door just from my husband getting water for coffee. He has since been buying bottled.
    My bottles of water are getting rediculous so it's time to buy a water thingy or a brita.
    Hate to be a brat here but what are the DONUTS doing there in the first place?? LOL
    You always mention "temptation" is that your husband?

  6. Renea: "Temptation" is my boyfriend. It was only one donut and yes, I felt guilty with every bite. It didn't even taste good (old and stale) but I ate it because I was hungry, I didn't have time to fix anything, I'm out of fruit, and I had to get my butt in my chair for work. :) Time constraints are probably the biggest source of struggle for weight loss. The Brita is awesome, I really like ours and I think they're worth the money. We've had ours for almost two years now (I thought we bought it earlier this year but "Temptation" swears it was right after we moved in together which was February 2009. We haven't even had to change the filter once yet and not only does "Temptation" drink a lot of water but since I've quit soda, so do I. We got the biggest one that would fit in our fridge, it holds about 2 gallons of water (1 in the top reservoir and one in the bottom reservoir). We also use it to make coffee, cook with, etc. etc. so to still be going strong on the first filter, in my book, is awesome. It doesn't cost anything like delivery water and now quick tricky maneuvers to get the water in the cooler without spilling it like those upside down jug contraptions require.

    Two thumbs up!