Sunday, December 5, 2010

Just Call me the Pied Piper

So this morning, not only am I still sick but now "Temptation" is sick also.  He woke me up fairly early wanting to go to breakfast and his first suggestion was Winchell's for donuts.  My response?  "Not just no, but hell no!".  I did some menu browsing online and we settled on iHop, I got a spinach, tomato, and mushroom omlette with fresh fruit for 330 calories and a hot mocha coffee.  After breakfast we were driving past the mall and I suggested we go inside and do some shopping/walking.  "Temptation" was firmly against it until I said "if we go to the mall you can get a Cinnabun".  Screeeech as an emergency right-turn was made.  I'm so manipulative.  Heehee, I love it.

So we get there and nothing is open yet.  We're about 20 minutes early so it's mostly mall walkers and employees preparing to open up shop.  So I said "Let's walk the mall, by the time we get to the other end and back Cinnabun will be open".  Well "Temptation" made it about 20 feet and then decided he would rather just go sit in the food court and wait so I kept walking.  I went from one end of the mall to the other and back again in 10 minutes and found "Temptation" still waiting for Cinnabun to open, so I went and did it again.  I actually feel a little bit better than I did when we got up this morning and I keep trying to tell "Temptation" that getting his heart rate up and breathing in some fresh air would help him feel better too but he won't listen. 

The cinnabun chick was late getting her buns out of the oven so I went and browsed a few stores while "Temptation" sat and waited, and waited.  I'm not counting the browsing on calories because it was just mostly standing and looking but the 20 minutes of solid mall walking was half decent.  I feel very proud and clever for using "Temptation's" sweet-tooth to my healthy advantage though.  I think later I'll go walking some more outside and get some more fresh air.

p.s. Fell asleep, when I woke up it was too dark to go out walking so I jumped on the stationary bike I got my dad for Christmas (shhh it's a surprise).  First I went on to see how long I would need to ride to finish off my 300 cals.  At 18.2 rpm it said approx 6 min so I forced myself to go at least 18 rpm for 10 full minutes and I gotta tell ya'll ... wowsers!  I'ma huffin and puffin right now but my 300 is done.  Woot!  Ended up going out shopping again, this time actually managed to pick up some Christmas gifts for people but still not counting those calories burned.

6 glasses of water
1 cup of mocha coffee
1 tomato, mushroom, & spinach omlette
1 cup mixed fruit
15 Sun Chips
1 V8 Fusion
1 Everything bagel
4 Tbsps salsa
1 cup hot broth with cayenne and lemon
6 inch chicken breast sub, no cheese, light mayo
>>3 tomato slices
>>1 oz black olives
>>3 cucumber slices
1 vitamin C tablet (5 calories)
1 Hershey's 100 calorie snack bar
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,489

20 minutes mall walking
10 minutes vigorous cycling
Daily Caloric Burn: 353


  1. way to go!!! I can not handle going 18 rpms on a bike at all!! my legs turn into jello!! Keep it up girly!!

  2. you GO girl! I'm so proud of you! Doesn't it feel AWESOME to say "no" to temptation (small t intended) and let others make their own bad choices if they want to? "Sweetie" was totally confused the first time we all went out for ice cream and I just got ice water. lol loved it!

  3. I had a similar experience with him at a buffet the other night. We were on our way to one of our favorite restaurants and saw a sign for a buffet that was having a discount we couldn't pass up. Well, I could have but "Temptation" is a buffet-a-holic so I said "sure we can go there". As he went from one end of the buffet to the other I hovered around the salad bar and the steamed veggies. When we both got back to the table with our plates he didn't say anything about mine being half-empty and containing nothing but veggies and one thin slice of beef. The second time around my plate looked the same as it had the first time and I saw him looking but, again, he didn't say anything. Dessert time and I walked past the tortes, pies, and cobblers, passed up the gelees, cookies, and cakes, and went straight for the fat free frozen yogurt. He came back to the table with five different desserts and scrutinized me as I slowly ate my yogurt so that it would take as much time for me to eat as it was taking him to eat his spread. When we'd finished I said "Ready to go?" and that's when he couldn't hold it in any more. "That's it? That's all you're going to eat? Two plates of rabbit food and a half-empty dish of yogurt?!" He almost sounded irritated but I thought it was funny as all hell!

  4. Great job in dealing with that mean, mean temptation. Don't you just hate it when she rears her ugly head?

    You're doign great. BTW--I'm thinking real hard on how I can recreate flautas and chile rellenos without all the fat.

    I think the rellenos might be easier to do than the flautas. I'll let you know if I have luck.


  5. Hey good job! I'm very proud of your STICK TO IT attitude and even the way you're able to work around Temptation so much. I see you're drinking better and that's important AND eating enough calories to sustain your health ---also important. And BOY DID I NOTICE at Thanksgiving, the way your pants are HANGING OFF OF YOU! You've lost AT LEAST ---- ONE pant size, probly almost 2 ----how does that feel to be down that much again? It only takes 9lb weight loss to = 1 pant size, if you're not going to buy new pants yet, at least go try some on and see where you are ---- it will REALLY ENCOURAGE YOU. Or, buy at least one pair that you can wear out to dinner and it will help you REMEMBER your goal, (the BIG picture)......oh no, the SMALL picture. Lol. Love you - Marmie

  6. Yeah I may go pants shopping when I am feeling better. I probably won't buy because I'm a miser and I'll wait until the ones I have literally won't stay up before buying new ones but it would be nice to be able to officially change my pant size in the right margin of this blog.

    I still have Dad's old Angel Flights and my big goal will be to put those babies on and rock them like I did in college. Right now they're my biggest incentive because I remember how darn cute my butt looked in them when I first dug them out of storage over 10 years ago.