Friday, December 3, 2010

The shady side of dead

Ok not really but I feel like it.  Last night was awful.  I got off work and wanted to take a hot bath more than anything in the world but I got in the tub and turned the water on only to discover that, after just three inches or so, the hot water was gone.  So I laid there in my three inches of rapidly cooling water for about 20-30 minutes waiting for the water heater to replenish itself, turned the water on and managed to fill the tub with luke-warm water but never really got the bath I wanted.  Then I gagged down some alkaseltzer plus cold and flu, sent "Temptation" out to pick up some orange juice and fell asleep on the couch under the down comforter.

He came home, woke me up, I inhaled 8 oz of juice, 8 oz of hot broth and 8 more oz of water with some potatoes and popcorn and then went back to sleep.  He woke me up again around 11 to go to bed and I'm fairly certain that I crashed as soon as my head hit the pillow but all the fluid I drank yesterday meant I woke up three times in the middle of the night ... for obvious reasons.  I'm so dog tired today I can hardly think straight and I didn't make my 300 calories burned goal yesterday so I'm going to have to carry this challenge over another week so that I can complete it.  I refuse to give up, being sick will not set me back.

Edit: (2:49 pm) Even though I really, really ... really didn't want to exercise today I decided to pick myself up and do it anyway.  I still feel like crap but I can't risk "falling off the wagon" just because I'm sick.  Yesterday's caloric intake was low and the majority of it was either fluid or fruit ... which is good, but the potatoes weren't a great choice.  Today, so far, over half of my calories have been from orange juice alone which does not bode well for the rest of the evening so I knew I had to get my butt moving, like it or not.  I should pick up some Vit C caplets or have "Temptation" pick up some for me, fewer calories and less sugar.  I had an Emergen-C at my mom's house, that wasn't too bad.  It sure tasted better than that crappy alkaseltzer last night, bleh!

3 glasses of water
24 oz orange juice
1 banana
1 can V8 Fusion
15 Sun Chips
1 can light vegetable soup
1/2 can tomato soup
1 wheat everything bagel
1 slice white american cheese
1 bite of "Temptations" grilled cheese, avocado, and tomato sammich (not counted below)
1 glass hot mint tea
1 glass of water w/alkaseltzer cold and flu
1 reese's 100 calorie snack pack (to get the alkaseltzer taste out of my mouth)
Daily Caloric Intake: 1349

150 Crunches
60 leg lifts (side)
60 leg lifts (front)
60 push-ups
Daily Caloric Burn: 496


  1. I'm impressed -- it takes a lot of gumption to work out when you're not feeling well. Feel better soon!

  2. Thanks ladies. Believe it or not, getting out and walking helps me feel a little better, at least temporarily.

  3. Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well.

    You want to be careful dieting/exercising while sick -- generally it's a recipe for getting more sick. Bodybuilders *always* stay out of the gym and dedicate themselves to resting and eating a little bit extra *quality* food when they are sick -- because they know that dieting/exercising is stressful on the body and when you are sick that's the *last* thing you need is more stress.

    You will generally recover faster and be able to get back to dieting/exercising sooner if you'll give yourself that time to rest and recover. Use the extra time/effort to cook a bit better and sleep more.


  4. You speak wisdom yet I feel guilty when I don't exercise. You're right though, it seems like I just keep getting even sicker than I was the day before. :(