Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Goal-Model

I firmly believe that it is perfectly ok for sexy women to have curves (real ones) and since there has been some concern as to whether or not a goal of 135 is too thin for my body-type I thought I would place a tangible, visual representation of where I'm headed with this weight-loss journey.

Mary McCormack is a kick-butt and takes names actress on the show "In Plain Sight" (which is great, by the way and airs on USA).  She's thin, toned, and has a realistic yet amazing body; therefore she is my goal-model.  She's 5'8" and I'm 5'7".  She weighs approx 150 lbs and has a significantly larger cup size than I do but very similar bone structure.  So here is my pledge ... if I look like this when I get to 150, I'll stop there and be MORE THAN HAPPY with it!!!!!


  1. It's a GREAT goal to have.
    I was just thinking today.
    What weight CAN I get down to?
    I remeber in HS i was a size 11/12
    I am 5'4 and big boned. So I will NEVER be a size 2. I am just not built that way. So WHEN I get down to goal and make it into a size 9/10 I have no idea what that weight will be because i don't ever remeber being that size. Even now when I step on the scale at just a 20 LB loss I have not been there in over 15 years!!! So it's a whole new thing too.
    When I met my husband in 1995 I was at a healthy weight and wearing an 11/12. Then in one year and when I got married i was at my heaviest of 200 + pounds. I have pretty much been there since.
    So this is all so new to me and a GREAT feeling. So great that I will never go back.

    I have not found my "goal model"
    I have never been one to look in a magazine and say i want to look like her. I know how unrealistic that is.
    These girls pay people a lot of money to have somoen buy and prepare their meals and pay big bucks to have someone work them out.
    Sure there are people over the years I was envious of.
    But I have not found that ONE person that I can say I want to look like. But when I find her I will post a pic on my blog.

  2. Yeah I was just discussing the best way to set a goal with my mom because she's one person who thinks 135 is too thin for someone with big German bone structure like we have in our family...(thanks gramps!).

    I honestly can't remember ever being a size that I was happy with in my adult life so trying to set goals for myself is really hard ... I just know that I don't want to be the way I am anymore.