Sunday, December 12, 2010


Hi everyone!  So today "Temptation" and I were invited to hang out with our friends at their place and watch football.  They are some really cool people so, of course, we said yes.  They had crackers, sausages, cupcakes, and (drum roll please) cheese!  Cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese!  The lady of the house is a truly awesome chick and as soon as I told her I was counting my calories she broke out some celery and carrots for my benefit.  This is just one example of why we like them so much; they are incredibly thoughtful, considerate peeps.  So I munched on the celery and drank water and went on quite happily but, all the while, the cheese was calling to me as I knew it would if I got within ear shot of it.

Eventually I caved, checked out the bottom of the cheese tray for a calorie count and figured out how many calories were in each piece of cheese using the calculator on my phone.  I then counted each piece of cheese as I ate it (I counted my carrots too).  Ya'll ... it was cheese and it was yummy, delicious, heavenly, blessed cheese to boot.  Oh behold the power of cheese, I am but it's humble servant.

So I may have ate a little bit more cheese than I originally intended but, I still counted it all and added up the calories on my phone.  The same woman also offered me some Newton fig snacks that are 100 calories per pack and mui delicioso.  She hasn't been able to find them in stores (she works for an airline and they serve them on her plane) so she gave me a couple to bring home with me.  We were there most of the day and I did good on my water intake.  "Temptation" dropped me off to nap and brought home dinner about an hour later, our usual fare from the super cheep prime-rib restaurant on the other side of the freeway.  I did not, however, get any of my exercise done.  The day is not over yet and I will most certainly try to make sure I get something done but right now my tummy is full of water and beef and I'm afraid if I try to exercise I'll whommit, plus I am still dog tired.  Go figure, I get dropped off at home to take a nap and as soon as I lay down and pull the blanket over me I can't fall asleep.  I FREAKIN' HATE INSOMNIA!!!

5 glasses of water
6" chicken sub (usual subway fare but only half today)
approx 3 stalks of celery (I didn't count these because celery is negative in calories)
20 bite-sized pieces of cheese (16 calories each)
12 baby carrots (raw)
2 Newton fruit snack packs
6 oz Prime Rib (dry)
1 cup seafood salad (dry)
1/2 cup lettuce
>>2 oz beets
>>2 oz red beans
>>2 tbsps olives
>>2 oz onions
>>2 tbsps french dressing
>>2 tbsps red vinegar
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,594

25 minutes with the shake weight (over the course of 1 hour)
Daily Caloric Burn: 300 (12x25=300)

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