Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Catch-Up

Sorry I didn't post this weekend, we kept ourselves very busy for the most part and had a really nice and active weekend!  Here is the catch-up post for Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday we got up, picked up Snacker's check and went to the bank to cash it, then we went to lunch and stopped to pick up our ceramics projects that we did on Valentines day, grabbed some lunch and walked around Town Square for awhile playing with everyone's dogs.  After that we came home and took a short nap, then got up and went out to grab something to eat, then we picked the dogs up and took them to the park to play for a couple of hours.

Sunday we got up early and headed straight out with a busy day planned.  We had a tee-time for 1:20 p.m. and the weather yesterday morning looked like it was going to be absolutely perfect for it.  First we ran to the Farmer's market but the produce guy only had veggies this week. :(  We did pick up some local bee pollen that should help the doggies (and Snackers) with their allergies this year.  From there we headed to the other end of town because Snackers found a sweet deal on the some cat trees on CraigsList and we scored a sweet cat fortress and a smaller tree for less than $100.  This is huge because some of the smaller trees that we were looking at were like $200 for just ONE tree.  This thing is huge with a cubby hole, two baskets, three jumping platforms, two ladders, a lounging platform, two tunnels, and a play rope.  It's massive and fits perfectly in the corner of our bedroom!  After that we realized we had more time to kill before golf than we thought so we came home, got the dogs, and went back to the dog park.  The wind picked up BAD while we were at the park though and as our tee-time approached we realized it was just going to be way too windy to play so we called and canceled it.  We dropped off the dogs and then went to the pet store to get some cat nip to rub on the cat tree, then we came home and assembled the tree and spent about an hour acclimating the cats to it and wiggling bits of rope etc. to get them to play on it.  When we headed out again we stopped by the craft store just to browse, then played a round of Bingo (Snackers won $50!), grabbed dinner, and finally came home to relax.

Saturday Food:
130 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 caprese salad
4 of Snackers' sweet potato fries
1 cup fat free frozen yogurt
1 pork and bean burrito (extra pico, no sour cream)

Daily Caloric Intake: 904

Sunday Food:
110 oz of water
2 cups of coffee w/creamer
1 veggie burrito (black beans, lettuce, tomato, onion, rice: no sour cream)
5 oz prime rib
1 cup steamed veggies (no butter)

Daily Caloric Intake: 1120

Saturday Activity:
Walking: 2 hours (around town square)
Sprints x 10 (at the dog park)

Sunday Activity:
Walking: 1 hr (farmer's market)
Lifting: 10 lbs x 4 (small cat tree box, loading/unloading)
Lifting: 25 lbs x 2 (large cat tree, helping Snackers unload and then move once it was put together)
Walking: 45 minutes (combined craft store, dog park, casino)

The really good thing about Casino's is that they want you to walk through them to get anywhere that you want to go so if you want to play Bingo or grab a bite to eat you have to walk through at least half of the casino to get from one place to the other. :)  Casino's are a really great way to get extra walking in.

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