Monday, February 13, 2012

Barnes & Noble

The expo sucked.  It was all rescue groups and vets so, for someone who already has dogs and a vet, there wasn't much to look at or do.  We watched a few competitions, spent a good portion of time trying to find the booth that was doing free nail trimming and then spent another hour after finding it waiting for it to open.  There were a couple of merchandise booths to look at but not many.  Mostly we were stopped by a lot of people wanting to know what breed Vladimir is and we got a LOT of practice in with him on how to heel and be calm in a crowd full of people and dogs so that was a good experience for him.
We had planned on going from there to the dog park where he could be off leash and act nuts but he passed out in the car before we even made it out of the parking lot and we realized that the expo must have been extremely psychologically active for him because he was pooped!  We came home, took a nap (so rare and beautiful) and then had an extremely light supper and went looking for something to do.  We had planned on playing Bingo but had some time to kill so we went to Barnes & Noble.  I asked the guy at the help desk if they could order my book yet and ... they can!!!!!  It was so awesome to see MY BOOK with MY NAME on it on the computer screen at Barnes & Freakin' Noble!!!!

I told him that I wrote it and that I was a local author so they should stock it.  He said he put it on the short list for me which means if it starts to get a good sales record they will stock it and put on the list that I'm a local author.  So now I need to go in every few weeks and buy a copy I guess to bring the sales record up lol.

I was so stoked!  When we looked at the clock we realized we'd missed bingo but figured we'd catch the next session so we headed over to Wal-Mart to kill some more time.  We walked around, looked at stuff, bought a new jacket for Piper, and then ... yep, missed another session of bingo.  We hit the pet store next to wal-mart for a quick glance around before heading home and going to bed.  All in all, got a lotta walking in.  I need to get another pedometer.  I'm really curious to know how far we actually walked yesterday.

Note on today's food: putting tomato slices on a bagel will give you a lot of moisture so that you can drastically reduce your cream cheese usage.  When available, pico de gallo is a great substitute for cream cheese entirely.

130 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 small bagel lightly toasted, no butter
1/2 oz cream cheese
4 tomato slices
1 granola bar (mid-day snack)
1 cup vegetable soup
1 chicken enchilada w/verde sauce
Daily Caloric Intake: 752

Walking/Shopping: We went to two stores to get Snackers some walking shoes because he says he's going to start walking with me!!!! (YAY!!!!)
Walking/Shopping: We also stopped at a farmer's market (tents on a street corner that we just happened across) and browsed for an hour-ish.  I found some STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL FRUIT at wonderful prices!!!! DOUBLE YAY!
Dancing: We went to our friend's son's concert.  He's in the School of Rock so they had a concert at the Hard Rock Cafe on the strip.  They did an AWESOME JOB!
Walking/Shopping: Went grocery shopping after the concert/dinner


  1. congrats on your achievments! you have worked so hard and i have your back. that 'pretty woman' chic has it out for you, but only because she is still so unhappy with her own life she wants to try and ruin yours. roll it off baby! you are awesome!

  2. Thank you Diaries my dear. Love your blog!