Saturday, February 11, 2012


Dear Pretty Woman,

Now that you've decided to tell me twice how much my diet sucks I thought I'd write a post just for you.  I have learned that the term "diet" is very personal to everyone and that what "sucks" is relative.  Let's recap shall we?

Monday: 1 fish burrito (grilled fish and shredded veggies with diced tomatoes wrapped in a tortilla.  Granted it's not a lettuce wrap but it's a WHOLE LOT BETTER than a roll or a bun or bread and is FAR from "sucking").  Boneless, skinless, baked chicken breast and rice.  It doesn't get much more "diety" than that unless you're on the Atkins ... which I'm not.  And more water in one day than most people drink in a week.

Tuesday: More baked boneless, skinless chicken and rice for lunch.  Grilled boneless, skinless chicken and baked red potato for dinner.  Again, nothing bad here at all.  No sour cream, nacho cheese, bacon bits or butter on the potato.  Just some salt, pepper, and oregano.  And more water in one day than most people drink in a week.

Wednesday: Hearts of palm (a vegetable that is high in protein, fiber and GOOD fat, low in calories, and has ZERO sugar, cholesterol, and bad fat).  More grilled boneless skinless chicken and baked potato for lunch.  A SALAD for dinner.  And again, more water in one day than most people drink in a week.

Thursday: Hearts of palm.  A healthy choice lunch (it's not just a name, the cafe steamers are actually pretty damn decent on the healthy food list), grilled fish, and since baked fries are just baked potatoes that are cut up into stick-sized pieces first ... again, not a bad dinner.  Yep ... more water in one day than most people drink in a week.

I hear you criticizing my diet and telling me how much it "sucks" or how "horrible" it is and YET I don't hear you actually making any constructive suggestions other than to "re-evaluate it".  That's pretty vague.  Aside from wheat grass and protein shakes, what is it exactly that you THINK I should be eating?  Maybe since you're obviously new to this blog you should go back and start reading from the beginning.

My diet before November 2010 consisted (on a usual day) of an iced mocha frappacino, chocolate covered mini donuts consumed en-masse at my desk, an 8" double meat Italian sub with extra mayo and guac, three slices of pizza hut for dinner with extra cheese, a box of buffalo wings with blue cheese dressing, and chocolate dipped bread sticks or a snickers bar for dessert.  I used to drink MAYBE 1 or 2 glasses of water A MONTH IF it was hot outside and that was my only option and drank anywhere from 4 to 6 Mountain Dew Voltages and cokes per day.  I'd say that on the "suck meter" my diet has come a long damned way.

It's really easy to sit behind your side of the monitor and repeatedly comment on how much my food choices suck but when you criticize without actually offering any constructive suggestions it's not constructive criticism it's just empty negativity.  My diet is a BILLION times better than it used to be.  It's a WHOLE HELL of a lot better than most of the people that I know or have known, and it's better than a lot of Americans eat today.  I'm an over-worked, over-tired, unhappy enough woman that I don't need to add gagging down protein shakes and wheat grass to the list of things that I hate about my life.  My diet is FAR, FAR from sucking.  It may not be what you like or even what you think is healthy but I'd dare bet that if you honestly posted YOUR food choices on the internet every single day of your life for over a year that someone out there somewhere would think your choices suck too. 

You need to learn to either be more positive or more constructive because being a destructive critic is far from "pretty".

140 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 can hearts of palm
1 healthy choice lunch
2 tuna hand rolls
1 rainbow roll
1 cup of edamame
1 chocolate souffle (I know, this is bad but it was a little teenie tiny one and I'm HUMAN)
Daily Caloric Intake: 1215

Yoga: 30 minutes
Walking the outlet mall: 45 minutes
Walking @ the dog park: 20 minutes


  1. I haven't looked at the comments previous but I just want to say i love your blog follow on bloglovin and anyone can see from your progress pictures that your on you way :d No matter how long it takes your making that lifestyle change, you've changed your diet.

    I really need a google account lol

  2. Anonymous: I don't usually publish Anonymous posts anymore but since yours is the first in a long time that wasn't just plain mean negativity I couldn't help myself. It feels good to get a comment that is positive. Thanks. :)