Thursday, February 23, 2012

Softball One-on-One

Last night was super fun!  As you might remember, Snackers used to play softball every week before we bought the house, then he decided to coach football and join a bowling league instead for something different and hasn't played since.  Earlier this month he decided he wants to try to get back into softball this year and in the past when he's played he's really wanted me to play too but ... I'm terrified of the ball.

I used to play softball when I was a kid ... in fact I was relatively good at it.  I could catch, throw alright for my age, and when I could actually hit the ball I could really knock it out.  Then one summer I was practicing catching pop flies, tripped on a rock, put my hand down to stop my fall WITH the ball in my mitt and broke my wrist.  Not a week later my best friend took a ball to the face while playing catcher and broke her nose.  Her eyes rolled up in her head, blood spewed down her face and she had to be rushed to the ER ... and I've never played since.

So I told Snackers last night that I want to start trying to get over that fear.  I tried to practice with his team when he was on one and had a full-blown panic attack in the outfield when I just THOUGHT that a ball might come my way.  I was 11 when my friend broke her nose ... that can be very traumatic!  So first thing's first Snackers decided that I needed a better pair of shoes - and I couldn't argue.  I've got my $10-special rockers from Wal-Mart that are great for walking/toning but they SUCK for running.  Monday night, for example, when I ran to the park my shins started aching 5-10 steps into the run.  I read online that shin splints are caused either by landing with too much pressure on the heel of the foot or pushing off too hard with the toe.  Since rockers don't really provide any flat stability in either of those areas, I was pretty confident that ... while great for walking, they were causing my shin splints.  Last week when we picked him up a new pair of running shoes we went to Big 5 and they had some really sweet deals on some really nice looking shoes so we went back there to see what we could find for me.  The problem with women's shoes is that it's really hard to find anything that isn't pink!  I mentioned this to the sales guy when he pointed out an awesome looking trainer and he looked at my feet, asked what size I wear, and told me I could probably wear a very small men's shoe.  SWEET!  So I found some really nice looking, all black running shoes with the little spring supports in the heels and when I put them on my shins instantly stopped hurting.  Huh!

So we also had to buy a softball because Vladdy ate our old one and then we headed to the park.  We played catch for about 20 minutes to warm up and then Snackers pitched to me while I practiced batting.  I actually did pretty damn good and every time I hit the ball past Snackers I'd start trying to run the bases and he'd try to run to get the ball and then chase me down so we were full blown running a lot.  It was really great exercise for both of us.  I threw a few pitches for him too and then had to run to get the ball and try to chase him down and tag him also.  We did that for about 40 minutes and were both sweating and breathing hard so I think we had a pretty great workout.

120 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 granola bar
1 chicken veggie wrap
1 serving lasagna w/bread
Daily Caloric Intake: 1126

Yoga: 30 minutes
Treadmill: 4 min @ 1.5 mph (warm-up/cool-down)
Treadmill: 8 min @ 3.5 mph (walking)
Treadmill: 4 min @ 4.0 mph (slow jog)
Treadmill: 4 min @ 5.0 mph (jogging)
All treadmill activities were w/a 1.5% incline
Fitocracy Points: 155

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