Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pet Expo

Today is the Las Vegas pet expo and we're going as soon as Snackers gets off work.  From what I've heard it's going to be quite the ordeal.  Various vendors and rescue organizations are going have booth's set up including Shorty Rossi from the TV show Pitt Boss.  They'll be doing free claw trimmings which is good because Vladdy has outgrown my clippers and his claws are in need of a good trim.  It's at Cashman Field and it's free so I am stoked about it.  This should be a great opportunity to get out and get some sunshine, get some walking done, show of me puppers...oh yeah.

Last night Snackers got his tax return and wanted to go eat at a sushi buffet.  Can I just say that for someone like me who LOVES sushi more than any other food in the world (even more than chocolate), the words sushi and buffet should never be put together.  I didn't do well.  I didn't do HORRIBLE but I didn't do well.  I walked through the doors thinking "Ok, you've done buffet's before and you've proven to yourself that you can be smart about them" and then I saw the effing thing.  EVERY KIND OF FREAKIN' SUSHI THAT YOU CAN IMAGINE!!!  Fortunately there weren't any deep fried things so I did my best to stick to what I knew I could count.  Tuna is my big weakness though, especially raw tuna.  I broke out a spare receipt from my purse and a pen and kept them on the table so that I could count everything that I put into my mouth.  I started with a tuna hand roll, a cup of edamame, and a full 20 oz glass of water because I knew that if I could fill myself up quickly with some rice and water that I would be less likely to go overboard.

The hand roll was SOOOOO good though.  I mean it's just tuna and rice so I don't know what the hell they did to make it so good but it was the best tuna hand roll I've ever eaten!  Meanwhile Snackers is helping himself to like ... one of everything and bringing back things with every color of caviar on it that you can imagine.  Dark green, orange, bright green, black (my fave!) and something with a huge brick of cream cheese on top.  HA!  And people think MY diet sucks?!  So I sat at the table and drew doodles on a napkin while I waited for the water and the rice to do what they do in my stomach but as I sat there watching him eat - temptation took over.

So I got a plate with another hand roll and four pieces of a rainbow roll.  Drank ANOTHER full glass of water and waited.  This time Snackers had a plate full of crab legs so I started cracking them and pulling the meat out for him.  He likes to take all of the crab meat and drop it right into his cup of butter and then, when it's nice and full, fish the meat out and eat it with a fork.  I don't like crab right out of the shell so cracking his crab legs for him kept me occupied and distracted without risk.  When I'd finished I went to wash my hands and ... of course, passed the sushi on the way back so I grabbed a little sauce dish and four more pieces of rainbow roll.

When I got to the table Snackers was eating fried rice and Japanese BBQ but I stayed strong.  When he hit the chocolate fountain ... I stayed strong.  But when he came back with a plate full of mini-sized dessert cups and put the chocolate souffle in front of me I cracked.  I told myself, just one bite.  Then I finished it.  It was small though, like those little 2 oz sauce cups that they give you with salad dressing in them at restaurants when you order it on the side.  Still ... it was chocolate souffle.  The conversation went something like this:

Me: "What is that?"
Him: "Dessert."
Me: "I can't have dessert."
Him: "It's tiny."
Me: "That's not the point.  There are probably more calories in that tiny cup than an entire sushi roll."
Him: "Oh wow this is the best thing I've eaten all night."
Me: *Indiscriminate grumble.*
Him: "We're celebrating hunny."
Me: "Every calorie I eat tonight is one less calorie that I'll be able to eat on Valentine's day."
Him: "I won't buy you candy for Valentine's day, I promise."
Me: "Again ... not the point."
Him: "It's soooo good!  Just try a little bite.  Just one bite.  C'mon this is going to cost me over $60!"
Me: "Fine.  One bite."
Him: "Isn't that good?"
Me: *Lapsing into a chocolate coma*
Him: "Wanna try my green tea cheesecake?"
Me: "I'm going to stab you with my fork."

Oh I hate that place.

2 cups of coffee w/creamer
120 oz of water
1 hot dog at the expo (limited options)
1 slice of sourdough toast with grilled shrimp
1 glass of white wine
Daily Caloric Intake: 1036

Walking: We walked around the pet expo for approx. 2.5 hours and climbed a really steep hill to get back to the car.
Walking: We then went out after dinner looking for something to do and ended up spending approx. 3 more hours walking around various stores looking at stuff and being silly.

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