Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Light a Fire

Ok so I haven't been getting much daily physical activity: already admitted.  But I have been trying to make up for that when I can which is probably the only reason that I've gained 7 lbs and not 20.  The first weekend in January Snackers and I went hiking for four miles out at Red Rock even though it was just days after my IUD insertion.  The weekend after that we went kayaking and ended up in a fight for our lives.  The weekend after that my parents came to visit and we spent the entire weekend walking all over Las Vegas.  The last weekend of January we opted for a relative amount of  laziness because we'd never really had time to recover and rest after the lake experience.  We both worked all week after Lake Mead despite the congestion (from inhaling so much lake water), bruises, cuts, and aches.  Then partied the following weekend with my parents here, and then worked all week again after that.  Truth-be-told that was probably good for us to keep upright or we might have ended up with walking pnemonia from all the water that was in our lungs for the first few days after (I had lake water coming out of my nose, ears, and eyes for three days).

We did, however, run some errands and did some window shopping as well as our weekly grocery shopping so we got out and got shit done - just not anything fun.  This weekend took the lazy cake though.  We did our shopping but that was about it and I'm jonesing for some fun this weekend.  I've been trying to put every spare penny I can find into paying off my student loans so we've been on an extremely tight self-imposed budget but we're both really wanting to start golfing again.  I'm also thinking now that we live less than a block away from a public softball field that is open 24/7, I'd like to try to force myself to get over my fear of playing softball.  I played as a kid but after breaking my wrist when I was 11 and then watching my best friend break her nose the very next week, I've been terrified of the game ever since.  I think it's time to get over that.

Last night I didn't get as much traditional exercise in as I wanted but I did light a fire the instant that I got off work.  Instead of staying at my computer to work on my book I got up, fed the dogs, unloaded the dishwasher and started dinner.  Once dinner was in the oven I let the dogs out, loaded the dishwasher with what I'd used to prep supper and wiped down all of the counters.  I worked on my book while dinner was cooking but after dinner I loaded the dinner dishes into the dishwasher and changed the laundry before going back to work on my book.  It's not exercise ... I know.  But at least I did a whole lot more than I've been doing lately.  Not that the house has been a constant disaster lately but I've been a gold medalist procrastinator for the past few weeks.

We went to the dog park after dinner but our friends were there so I stood around and socialized rather than walking laps and getting exercise.  I did play with the dogs a little but would have liked to have done more ... the world is full of good intentions.  Once we were home Snackers made us a cup of coffee (we've gotten into the habit of drinking a hot cup of decaff before bed recently) and I went back to work on the book until midnight.

I need three of me!  I wish I could astral project and then send the projection out to exercise while the real me does all of the crap that needs to get done in my life.  That would be nice.  It has been strongly suggested that I take a second job after graduation in the computers/technology field, or even an internship.  I have to confess, however, that a big part of me would like to try to find a more active part-time second job like bussing tables or some kind of janitorial work at the Henderson UofP campus or something so that I can get off my butt more.  I can't imagine spending 8 hours a day in front of a computer at one job and then more hours in front of a computer at a second job every day AND trying to exercise.  Technically I'm kind of already doing that and it's clear that the exercise is losing the battle.  I dunno ... we'll see what happens.

100 oz of water
2 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 granola bar
1/2 leftover chicken breast
1 cup leftover mushroom rice
1 grilled chicken breast (dinner)
1 cup roasted red potatoes
2 fig newtons
Daily Caloric Intake: 1030

Yoga: 30 minutes
Walking/Running/Playing w/dogs

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