Wednesday, February 15, 2012


So when Snackers said "I need to get some walking shoes so I can start walking with you" I turned into Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hide.

On the outside my reaction was something along the lines of: "That's capital my good man!  Good on you for the motivation and support.  Positively smashing."

On the inside my reaction was more like "HA!  That'll be the day!  Suuuuure, we'll go buy him some shoes and then he'll either wear them once, complain that there's something wrong with them, return them, and pretend that he can't find any other shoes that he likes (like he did last time we got him some sneakers), or he'll get them and they'll sit in his closet collecting dust like his Chucks (granted, they're not walking shoes but Snackers is kind of a girl when it comes to shoes....sometimes he likes to buy them just to buy them)."

To my complete and utter surprise, however, he walked in the door after work last night (I was still working), and the first words out of his mouth were "Do you wanna just go for our walk as soon as you get off work instead of waiting because it's looking like it's going to rain out there."

*gasp, choke, wipe away the water that almost sprayed out of my nose*  "Um yeah absolutely!"  So we did!
I wanted to do 4 laps around the Aspen Peak Loop but that's 5.4 miles and probably a little much for a beginner like Snackers so he agreed to two laps which, with the 0.3 to and from the house comes out to 3.0 all total.  Not bad!  He kept a rather brisk pace with me for the first lap and a half and then started to drag behind a little bit toward the end.  They have benches set up around the loop and he kept wanting to stop and rest and I kept telling him "if you keep moving the sooner you'll be done, home, and can play video games" and that seemed to keep him motivated.  All-in-all not too shabby!

I blended up a pitcher full of fruit after supper and have it waiting in the fridge too.  1 green apple, 1 green pear, 1 mango, 1 cup of blueberries, 2 cups of cranberry juice, and 2 cups of water (I like my fruit shakes a little on the runny side so that I can use a straw).  Plugged everything into the recipe tracker on and it comes out to about 120 calories per 12 oz glass so that's not bad!

100 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 fruit shake (made last night)
1 healthy choice lunch
1 rainbow roll
2 glasses of wine
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,123

Yoga: 30 minutes
Other: 45 minutes


  1. Ha! Love a good supportive guy.

  2. Ok that is just totally AWESOME!!!! :) Yeah for Snackers!!!

  3. I can't exactly say what the "other" was but it was Valentines day so I'm sure you can guess if you think about it really hard. ;)

  4. You count sex as exercise? Interesting.

  5. Not usually but the other night? Yeah - it was pretty athletic. lol