Friday, February 24, 2012

My New Treadmill!

Snackers brought me home a treadmill yesterday!!!  YAY!  It's used, of course, but it's not a bad little machine.  It has different fat burner and cross training settings, all of the buttons work, and it inclines.  I got on it last night as soon as I got off work and did the first fat burner routine on the program which turned out to be a 20 minute kick in the pants!  It started off walking at 1.5 mph for 2 minutes which was, in my opinion, way slow.  Then it kicked up to walking at 3.5 mph for 4 minutes which was comfortable for me.  Next it went to the really awkward pace of 4 mph for 2 minutes which was tough because it was almost too fast to walk and too slow to jog.  I jogged it but it was really hard to get into a rhythm with it.  After that it jumped to 5 mph for 4 minutes which was a pretty decent jog!!!  I did it though!  Which is amazing!!  And without shin-splints!!!!

Snackers came out to the garage (where we're keeping it) and said "I've never seen your face this red before" and I was literally dripping sweat all over the place so I guess it was a pretty damn good work out.  I think that's probably the longest I've ever jogged at one time and I am really stoked about it.  Technically that means I've completed another item off of my goal list:  Item #10, Run on a Treadmill.  However, I promised myself that I wouldn't go completing those things out of order so I have to finish 6 through 9 before I can count it and then I'll have to do it again.  That won't be a problem though, I really liked knowing that I was burning about as many calories in a 4 minute jog as I would have spent 20 minutes to burn walking.  I like jogging ... now I just need to build up my stamina so it doesn't feel so much like it's going to kill me.

After the jog at 5 it when back down to the awkward pace of 4 for 2 minutes, then back to 3.5 for another 4, and then 1.5 for 2.  Snackers watched the last half and when I got done I said "Ok, you gotta do what I just did."  He was all bravato like "No problem!"  So I cued it up, he jumped on and started out being a smart-ass trying to walk sideways on it and act all super-man.  It got to 4 mph and he found it just as awkward as I did (which actually made me feel better lol) and then when he got to five for a few minutes he was like "This is ridiculous!"  HA!  Not as easy as it looks huh Snacker-poo?!  But he did stick with it and when he finished his routine dinner was done with perfect timing.

We ate and then the two of us tag-teamed a deep clean on the kitchen.  We've been going out and doing fun stuff every night this week and it was starting to get messy but after four years we're finally starting to realize that EVERYTHING is easier when we do it together so we both dug in and got it done.  We didn't just "clean the kitchen" though ... we kicked the kitchen's ass.  Once the dishes were out of the way and the counters were clean we wiped down cupboards, cleaned out the fridge, cleaned the oven, mopped the floor and washed the wall by the trash can.  When that was done we tag-teamed the laundry that has also been piling up this week.

We felt pretty accomplished.  One thing I forgot to post on my food intake yesterday that I just remembered is that I picked up a box of assorted cherry tomatoes when we were at the store for my shoes the other day (Trader Joe's right next to the shoe store) so I had a cup of those last night after we got done cleaning.  I have to say - I think they're my new favorite snack!!!  They're tiny and they come in red and yellow and you can pop them in your mouth and eat them just like M&M's but they are the sweetest most flavorful tomatoes I've ever eaten.  They're an awesome snack and probably the absolute healthiest thing I've snacked on so far!

p.s. I received another set of free-promotions from for Dhampiri and A-Musing Adolescence so if you've been wanting to read them and have either a Kindle or the Kindle ap on your computer or other device, both books will be free next week.

Dhampiri: February 28th through March 1st
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140 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 granola bar
1 can hearts of palm
1 healthy choice lunch
1 cup tom yum soup
1 cup pad thai
1 cup shredded carrot salad
Daily Caloric Intake: 1107

Yoga: 30 minutes
Rearranging the Living Room / Moving Furniture: 45 minutes
Fitocracy Points: 207


  1. I wish I could use a treadmill but planting my feet on a moving belt makes my lower back hurt. Maybe someday I will get an elliptical but really, I do best in group classes like Jazzercise and Step Aerobics. Burn that treadmill up!!

  2. Coolness! I can't wait to DL them on my tablet! Congrats on the new treadmill! I just got a new one too the other day. Ours is new but was clearance so it was a great deal.

  3. Downsizers: One thing that I learned in addition to the treadmill, because of my shin splints, is that good shoes are really so important. I always thought people just said that to sell more shoes but I'm realizing it's really true. Today was day four this week of actually RUNNING in my new shoes (Basketball, Softball and treadmill x 2) and my shins feel great. But - I've also realized that exercise, like diet, is an extremely personal and individual thing. The most important thing in the world is supporting a person's choices as an individual so if you've found something that you can do that is good for you and doesn't cause pain then THAT is worth every treadmill in the world.

    Swan: YAY! Race ya! We can motivate each other. When you use your treadmill you can tell me how far you went, how fast, and how long you spent on it and I'll do the same here in my daily posts. Maybe we can motivate each other to push ourselves in a friendly competition! :)

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