Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Weekend

A lot happened this weekend.  I wrote a nice long post up for Friday then forgot to log back in and post it (I didn't even touch a computer all weekend which, for me, is both rare and a very good thing).  Friday's post was all about chasing this little Rottie around who had a broken frisby stuck around her neck at the dog park on Thursday (which I eventually managed to rescue her from after tiring her out) but I think a weekend summary might be more interesting.

Friday's intake came in 1272 and activity included 30 minutes of yoga and an 1.5 hours browsing stores like Pier One and Michael's for unity bottles for the sand ceremony we'll be having at our wedding.

Saturday's intake was 1239 and activity included 2 more hours of browsing stores like Joannes and Hobby Lobby for bottles as well as cords for the handfasting, and grocery shopping.  We took a mid-afternoon nap for about 2 hours (ooooh it was so nice, it's been such a long time since we snuggled up together and took a nap at the same time), did laundry and otherwise prepped for Sunday.

Sunday's intake was 1386 and we were up bright and early to get dressed and head out for a special event.  We had planned on grabbing 6" subs at Subway but it wasn't open yet so we were forced to settle for a breakfast burrito from Carl's Jr. because we were running short on time and I knew we were going to need some kind of breakfast before we got to where we were going.  Sign-in for the event was at 8 a.m. but the event itself didn't start until 10:30 so once I got us signed in we had 2.5 hours to kill walking around looking at booths, went across the street for coffee, and walked 1/3 of the event to visit our friends that were setting up their entertainment at the second stage.

Crossing the finish line!
The big event you ask?  A 5k walk for AIDS.  It was a charity walk so it was free to register but the idea is that you register and then raise money for the cause.  Unfortunately we didn't find out about it until Friday night so we didn't have time to raise funds but we made some donations of our own and one of the gals at the event told me that Walgreens donated $5 for every registered "walker" at the event, so that's cool!  Because it was a charity walk there were no numbers to pin on our shirts or "winners" etc. but I did the walk in 40 minutes, passed close to 50 people and counted 12 people between me and the golf-cart that was leading the procession when we came down the home-stretch.  It felt awesome and was a whole lot of motivational fun!

Snackers registered to walk with me but when we first got there he ended up walking all over the place because our friend's kid was there with his band to provide entertainment for the walkers as they passed one of the way-stations that were set up here and there throughout the route.  So Snackers went to find them while I signed us in, he got lost and did half of the 5k trying to find the right spot, then headed back to the stage to see me, then went back to where his friends were at etc. and by the time it was time for the actual walk he was pooped and bowed out.  Oh well, I had fun and got some SERIOUS sun.  Damn ... I'm going to have to figure out how to avoid tan-lines between now and the wedding without actually avoiding the sun.  I love the sun too much to avoid it.

120 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 FiberOne bar
1 Healthy Choice lunch
1/4 cup mixed nuts
10 oz grilled steak
12 asparagus spears
Daily Caloric Intake: 1306

Yoga: 30 minutes

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