Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Weekend

Well we had a very productive weekend.  We spent Friday night at the dog park, mostly, and then watched Marmaduke together before bed.  I knew I wasn't going to like that movie but Snackers is a sucker for animals so we grabbed it out of a $5 bargain bin at WalMart on a whim.  Ten minutes into it even he was making fun of how cheesy it was but we finished watching it anyway and I'm sure we'll pass it on to one of our nieces or nephews.  Saturday morning I had an appointment to get my measurements taken for the dress, from there we ran some errands and I got a call reminding me that we'd scheduled an appointment to look at some wedding locations on Sunday.  In the evening Snackers watched some baseball and I worked on The Prototypes (the sequel to The Citizens), then we put in The Butterfly Effect and watched that.

Sunday we woke up bright and early and headed to our first of three appointments to check out six different wedding venues.  Lots and lots of walking!  All six locations were way far on the northwest side of the valley though!  They were beautiful and the pricing was reasonable on a couple of them but they were just so damn far away!!!  We hit the dog park again but Vladdy got to playing with a little Akita puppy and she got rolled and hurt her front leg so we left after making sure with her owner that she was going to be ok and there were no hard feelings ... after all it was an accident during play, not like he did it on purpose.  It reminded me of when Vladdy was just a clumsy little pup and he used to get rolled and hurt a lot ... now he's on the opposite side of the fence.

We dropped the dogs off and headed out to pimp out my books.  I made a 5 chapter sample of The Citizens that includes ordering information in the back so we handed out a few of those at book stores, dropped off a full copy of The Citizens for the employees at Barnes & Noble to read (if they read it and like it then they can recommend it right?), and I filled out a job application.  The manager remembered me so when I asked her about a job ap she asked me to make sure that I put something on the ap about being the author of my two books so that it would stand out to her when she reviews the applications later (they won't be hiring till mid May).  From there we went to Big Lots because we were out of EVOO and we've found that we can get much bigger bottles at Big Lots and Ross than we can get at grocery stores for about half-the-price.  We browsed around for fun while we were there, Big Lots is kind of a fun store because they always have unique stuff to look at.  Then we headed home and played with the dogs in the back yard, scrubbed down and refilled Vladdy's pool, did some laundry, and went to bed.  Busy, busy weekend.

OH p.s. I got my final grade for my final class and it's an A so my graduating GPA will be 3.98.  YAY!

120 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 granola bar
1 fruit crisp
1 healthy choice lunch
1/2 veggie calzone
16 oz pomegranate green tea
1 skinny cow ice cream
Daily Caloric Intake: 1337

Yoga: 30 minutes
Walking: 1.5 miles (around the neighborhood w/Snackers)
Sprints: 2 @ 1 min. each
Fitocracy Points: 153