Thursday, April 5, 2012

Job Shopping

Well, school is done, my final grade should be revealed for my last class any day and it's time for me to go shopping for a second job.  I'm thinking part-time, obviously, nights and weekends.  Preferably nothing in the food industry because I tried that once at Chili's and had a very bad experience that made me not want to eat at another Chili's restaurant ever again.  I'd like to get into something physical like stocking shelves or something though and I was very happy working at the liquor store before I got my job in computers.  Fortunately all of the liquor stores here are 24 hour so a nights and weekends job shouldn't be too hard to get - if not there are always the casinos as well.

I had hoped to take one or two weeks between school and job shopping to just kind of wind down but I'm already starting to feel restless and guilty like I could/should be doing more.  See, I know that I do this to myself.  My parents are the exact same way, especially my mom.  Always have to be doing something, running running running, inventing things to do if we have to and then we wonder why we're always so stressed out with so much on our plates.

120 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 granola bar
1 healthy choice lunch
3 ceviche tostadas
Daily Caloric Intake: 824 (not intentional, I just wasn't very hungry yesterday)

Yoga: 30 minutes
Playing w/Vladdy at the dog park: 1 hr


  1. what happend at chilis? i wana know!!! lol i love chilis.. maybe i wont after your story!! Please TELL

  2. In order to tell the story I have to have some kind of disclaimer like - this was my own personal experience at a specific location and may not reflect on all Chili's restaurants everywhere or something. Don't wanna get in trouble.

    What happened is I was hired to be the expediter (and I love Chili's too which is why I had applied to work there, or I used to anyway). The expediter's job is to put trays of food together so that they're ready to go out to the tables. That means making sure the right orders are all together on the right trays, that the right sauces are on the trays with the food etc. I was told to stand back and watch so that I could get an idea of how it worked so I watched servers coming and going with their trays, setting them on the counter to load them up and then carrying them away again. Trays would get dropped on the floor, picked up, and put on the counter or they'd be set on the counter and would have salad dressing or something on them from being set on a table so they'd smear it all over the counter etc. Not once in the three hours that I was there for training was the counter wiped down or disinfected so you can imagine how many germy gross trays were set on this counter. In addition to the trays the wait staff was leaning on the counter while they were waiting, one girl put her foot up on the edge of the counter to retie her shoe, a kid with a filthy five gallon bucket of ice set it on the counter while he opened the ice machine up etc. Then one of the chefs went to hand an onion blossom through the window and he tipped the plate so the blossom slid off of the plate onto this grogy counter and he picked it up, put it back on the plate and they served it.

    I'm sure stuff like this happens at every restaurant, we've all heard horror stories but it's a lot harder to ignore when you actually see it happen.