Friday, April 13, 2012


Here's the very rough schedule that I've been living since school ended - occasionally I've traded in the 1hr of exercise in the evening for either an additional hour of writing or an additional hour of relaxation with Snackers.  My schedule when I was in school was basically the same except that my evening hours often included a lot more than 3 hours of study.  I would typically exercise as soon as I got off work at 4, then eat dinner at 5,and then sometimes I'd only have to study for 2-3 hours and could spend the evening relaxing with Snackers or writing and sometimes I'd study all the way from 6 p.m. until bed time ... which usually led to me laying in bed for an hour or so trying to work through some problematic code in my head and not being able to fall asleep until well after midnight.

Monday - Friday:
6:30 - Wake up, pour coffee/water, let the dogs out, boot computer, go potty, get dressed, log calories, blog.
7:00 - Work
9:00 - 10 minute break (let dogs out, refill water, grab a granola bar, feed dogs, go potty)
11:00 - 10 minute break (same as above but feed cats instead of dogs)

1:00 - Lunch break (refill water, eat, do yoga)
2:00 - Back to work
4:00 -Cook/eat dinner, clean up
5:00 - Study PHP (3hrs)

8:00 - Write (1hr)
9:00 - Exercise (1hr)
10:00 - Write (1hr)
11:00 - Relax/spend time w/Snackers, shower (30min - 1hr)
11:30/12:00 ish - Go to bed

Saturday - Sunday:
These are the days when Snackers and I usually spend a lot of time together, I get to sleep in if I can, we take care of grocery shopping, chores around the house, etc.  I almost always am up doing something whether it's something fun with Snackers, running errands, or taking a leisurely evening walk but he considers weekends "our time" because my week days or so full (actually I think he's starting to resent the fact that I am so busy all of the time) so I let these days flex around him.

120 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 granola bar
1/4 cup raw nuts
1 healthy choice lunch
10 baby dill pickles
2 tbsps natural peanut butter
1 serving seafood and veg stir fry
Daily Caloric Intake: 1289

Yoga: 30 minutes
On my feet @ dog park playing, chasing dogs, and otherwise doing anything BUT sitting down: 2 hrs

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